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Stu Johnson

The Kentucky Senate has adopted legislation calling for a Constitutional amendment concerning victims’ rights. Kentucky’s version of Marcy’s Law passed the senate in 2016, but failed to make it to the House floor.



A bill intended to help in the prosecution of certain crimes against the very young, disabled, or elderly is on its way to the Kentucky House.  The measure got unanimous backing in the Senate Thursday.

Kentucky Lawmakers May Again Discuss Capital Punishment

Jan 12, 2016

    Legislation to abolish the death penalty in Kentucky is once again before state lawmakers.  It’s unlikely the measure will be heard in the republican controlled senate.

This isn’t the first time veteran Louisville Senator Gerald Neal has filed legislation to do away with the state’s death penalty. And Neal says he’s waited as long as seven years to clear a bill in the general assembly.  “This is one of those kinds of bills cause it has a cultural base to it and change in this area is gonna be difficult,”  Neal said.

AG Candidates Debate Voting Rights, Religious Freedom on KET

Oct 13, 2015

The two candidates competing to be Kentucky's next attorney general have differing views on the state Religious Freedom Restoration Act as it relates to the highly publicized actions of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.  Davis went to jail after refusing to grant marriage licenses for same sex couples.