Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Last week we mentioned that we forwarded a question to NPR from listener Antoinette, “Is it true that NPR will not include Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate for the democratic presidential nomination?”

NPR released a statement in response to questions of this type, referring specifically to a story titled “Biden Fuels Speculation Of Presidential Run With College Affordability Speech.” 

During this Fall Fund Drive week, WEKU is presenting a series of videos provided by the producers of NPR's irreverent news quiz, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me.  While you're here, please consider making a donation by following this link or clicking on the box below.

Thanks to all who showed up Thursday night at the Fayette Mall in Lexington and the Grand Theatre in Frankfort for the first-ever "live" cinecast of Wait Wait..Don't Tell Me.  We hope you had as good a time as we.  Whether you saw it "live" or not, don't forget to tune in for the edited and packaged results Saturday morning at 11:00 and Sunday afternoon at 3:00.

Congrats to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me ticket winners

Apr 30, 2013

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