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Fri January 23, 2015
Arts Weekly

Rich Copley: Guys and Dolls, UK Art Museum, and...Monster Trucks?

Credit Rich Copley, via Twitter

It's time for our weekly chat with Rich Copley of the Lexington Herald Leader for a look at the weekend's arts and cultural activities. 

Event's discussed this week:

  • Monster Trucks at Rupp Arena
  • "Guys and Dolls" on stage at The Lexington Opera House
  • UK Arts Museum opens 4 exhibits

Rich Copley covers arts and entertainment for the Lexington Herald Leader. You can read more about this weekend's activities in Friday's edition.

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Fri January 31, 2014
Arts Weekly

Copley: UK Art Museum Showing off Photos, Bluegrass Events & UK Dance Minor Concert

The Art Museum at the University of Kentucky is showing off its photography collection.  There’s plenty of bluegrass in the region this weekend and UK Fine Arts Dance Minor has a concert. Here with a preview of weekend events is Rich Copley of the Lexington Herald Leader. 

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