Tax Reform

  Tax reform is likely to be next on the agenda for Kentucky lawmakers. 


Senate President Pro Tem David Givens said Gov.  Bevin Is putting the groundwork in place.  “The vast majority of the leadership and the credibility of the governor has to be put behind the effort.  And I sense Governor Bevin is positioning to do that,” said Givens.

Kentucky's Pension Shortfall Could Prompt Action on Tax Reform

Feb 15, 2016

    Discussions about Kentucky tax reform have circulated around the state capitol for decades but no comprehensive tax measure has passed. Two state lawmakers say major pension shortfalls could help move the issue along.

Legislative Leaders to Meet with Governor on Tax Reform

Feb 1, 2014

Leaders from both the Kentucky House and Senate are scheduled to meet with Governor Beshear Monday to talk tax reform.  Lawmakers have been waiting on details of a proposal. Governor Beshear promised weeks ago he would come forward with a legislative proposal to reform taxes.  But, the particulars of how to change the state’s tax structure will likely be revealed in Monday's meeting.