Mon December 9, 2013
Listener Feedback

Feedback: How About More BBC & Who's the New NPR Announcer?

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Diana, from Lexington, emailed us, “As long as you have all day broadcasting of Talk Shows, it is beyond me why you do not broadcast one of the best shows on any radio station, and that is the Diane Rehm Show.  Why?  The only time I ever get to hear this wonderful show is when I’m in my car on a trip.”

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Sun September 29, 2013
Eastern Standard

Most Heard Voice on Public Radio on Eastern Standard (audio available)

You've heard the voice for years but likely never knew his name or seen his picture. Frank Tavares joins us on Eastern Standard.

If you've listened to NPR for more than 20 minutes, you've likely heard the voice of Frank Tavares.  Although you may have never known his name, he's been the voice that has told us of the businesses and organizations that help pay for the network programming, ending with the familiar identifier, "This is NPR.."

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