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The international refugee crisis caused by people fleeing the war-torn Middle East has been a high-profile issue in the presidential campaign.


Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton told CBS’s “Face the Nation” last year that “the U.S. has to do more” to meet what she called the worst refugee crisis since the end of WWII.

Republican opponent Donald Trump told a rally in New Hampshire that as president he would turn away refugees from nations such as Syria. “If I win, they’re going back!” he said.

Noah Day

More than half our nation's governors, including Kentucky's new chief executive, oppose allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. 

On this week's show, we'll discuss the pros and cons of such a position and learn more about the refugee experience.

Guests scheduled: Dr. Minh Nguyen, professor of Philosophy and Director of Asian Studies at Eastern Kentucky University; Anne Marie Vaughn Grisanti, Community Relations and Media Coordinator for Kentucky Refugee Ministries.

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This past weekend, a Syrian man shared his experiences during Lexington's Christian-Muslim Dialogue Group. Iyad Jabbor says he's fearful that his home country will never be what it once was.  Jabbor works at the University of Kentucky.  He came to America in 2013, following the Syrian uprising.  Jabbor says the historic sites in the Syrian town of Alleppo are gone, some dating back 10,000 years.  “The essence of Syria that we liked, that we loved, the places that we liked to hang in, all the ruins; these are not gonna be replaceable,” said Jabbor.

From the NPR Two Way Blog: President Obama is expected to speak from the Rose Garden about Syria shortly, but a White House official says his remarks will not be about imminent military operations.

Instead, the official, who asked not to be named, said the president will update the public about his decision on how to proceed.

The president has been considering a limited military strike against Syria, but he said Friday that he hadn't yet made a decision.