Susan Lamb

As Lexington council members discuss future growth plans, the uncertainty about future pension costs to local governments is being raised. 

City Hall officials are waiting to see what action state lawmakers take in reforming employee pensions.

Lexington council members are being asked to consider signing on to the 'Charter for Compassion,' a document urging the peoples and religions of the world to embrace the core value of compassion.

A presentation on the charter is scheduled during Thursday’s council meeting.  

Stu Johnson

More than two dozen Lexington residents chose to experience for one day what being homeless is like.  Included in that group was Lexington Council Member Susan Lamb.

During the noon hour Wednesday Lamb was at Lighthouse Ministries where well over a hundred homeless and low income citizens got lunch.  Lamb participated in the 24-hour “Give Kids a Home” homeless experience and fundraiser.  She slept on the ground downtown and met many homeless people. 

Lexington Council Trying to Find Compromise on Minimum Wage

Sep 11, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Two proposals to raise the minimum wage in Lexington are now before city council.  Council member Susan Lamb on Thursday detailed an alternative proposal to that offered by colleague Jennifer Mossotti.  Lamb’s plan boosts the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour over three years, compared Mossotti's proposal of $10.10. Mossotti says another difference is her draft includes a provision for tipped employees.  “We have to get over that first hurdle, we’re going to move forward with the basic increases in minimum wage, then we’ll go to the next step,” said Mossotti.