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New Year's Driving Worries Include Beltless Drivers

Dec 31, 2014

Parties and New Year's Eve have gone together for a long time.  Increased awareness of intoxicated driving has led to more use of designated sober drivers on nights of heavy celebration.  But, Kentucky State Police Trooper Brad Arterburn says drinking and driving enforcement remains a major part of police work,  "We still arrest a lot of drunk people every year and our fatalities this year, well over a hundred of them involved alcohol, so we do still have a problem of drinking and driving.” Arterburn says  people are starting to realize that, if they do drink, it's easier just to stay wher

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has decided to close a minimum security prison and make it a training academy for Kentucky State Police. Beshear says the state no longer needs the Frankfort Career Development Center, which houses 205 low-risk inmates.