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Sun January 25, 2015
The Commonwealth

Former Governor & Senator Wendell Ford Remembered in Capitol Memorial


Hundreds of mourners filled the state Capitol Sunday to pay tribute to Kentucky's 53rd governor. Wendell Ford died Thursday at his home in Owensboro. He was 90. Ford is the only Kentuckian to win consecutive terms as lieutenant governor, governor and U.S. Senator. Governor Beshear offered a prayer to begin the service.  "He listened, he cared, and he brought people together.  Give us the courage to follow his examples," said Beshear.

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Sat March 8, 2014
State Capitol

Ky. House Committee Approves Day Care Radon Testing

Credit Gina Clear / The News-Enterprise

Kentucky day care centers would be required to be tested for radon under legislation approved by a House committee.  Louisville Representative Steve Riggs says Kentucky ranks in the top ten nationally when it comes to radon levels.  “It’s a piece of legislation that requires where young children spend nine or ten hours a day, day care centers actually get a test from a licensed professional for radon which cause lung cancer,” said Riggs.

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Wed January 22, 2014
The Commonwealth

Beshear's Budget Includes "Harsh" Cuts to Free Funds for Education

Gov. Beshear delivered his budget address before a joint session of the General Assembly at the State Capitol Tuesday
Credit Credit Wikipedia Commons

Governor Steve Beshear says ‘harsh’ budget cuts to some state agencies are needed to move the Commonwealth forward in the areas of education and economic development.  The governor outlined his budget strategy last night during a joint session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

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Fri May 6, 2011
Statehouse News

Derby Breakfast Sees Major Cutbacks

Rising costs have put the kibosh on the annual, state-funded Governor's Derby Breakfast at the State Capitol. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh says it's now more of a festival, and the location has changed.

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Wed May 4, 2011
Statehouse News

Floral Clock Strikes Golden

The floral clock on the grounds of the Kentucky State Capitol is 50 years old.  A golden anniversary celebration at the clock today attracted more than 200 people, including Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh.

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