More than a hundred people will be looking for novel ways to address three key health-related issues this weekend in Somerset.  It’s called an Appalachian Health ‘Hack-a-thon’.

The Hacking Medicine program developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has held 40 such events worldwide.  The idea is to convene people with different backgrounds on teams to develop recommendations for fighting substance abuse, obesity, and diabetes.

A detective has testified that a man accused of gunning down a prominent Kentucky defense attorney told police he had deciphered a newspaper message instructing him to carry out the killing.

Somerset Police Detective Chris Gates said at a hearing Wednesday that the defendant, Clinton Inabnitt, believed that if he killed Mark Stanziano, the ringing in his ears would stop.

Wife of Slain Somerset Attorney Speaks Out

Jun 30, 2014
The Advocate Messenger

The wife of slain defense attorney Mark Stanziano spoke out Friday following the cold-blooded murder of her husband.

The Advocate Messenger reports that Attorney Mark Stanziano, was making his way to his office on West Mount Vernon Street around 8 a.m. Friday when an angry gunman walked up to him and shot him multiple times, killing him in front of a slew of witnesses.

Stanziano represented the preacher charged with the triple murder at Danville’s ABC Gold Games.

Somerset Defense Attorney Fatally Shot Outside His Law Office

Jun 27, 2014

A well known southern Kentucky defense attorney has been shot and killed outside his office today.  Police says 57 year old Mark Stanziano was shot by a man who lives across the street.  40 year old Clinton Inabnitt is charged with murder.

House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover, a defense attorney by trade, has known and worked with Stanziano for many years and says he was stunned by the news from Somerset this morning. 

Barn at Redgate to host new concert series in Somerset

May 10, 2013

A new series of concerts kicks off in Somerset next weekend.   Singer/songwriter Pierce Pettis will open The Red Gate Sessions on Friday evening May 17.

The term "folk music" can refer to a lot of different styles. Folk tunes are the basis for much of the classical music of Bela Bartok and Aaron Copeland. Ethnic music of Africa inspired the writing of Paul Simon for his multi-Grammy-award-winning album Graceland.