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Mon May 26, 2014
The Commonwealth

Bourbon Co. Tobacco Heritage Thwarts Smoking Ban Proponents

A mural depicting the tobacco harvest has been in the rotunda of the Bourbon County Courthouse in Paris for more than 100 years.
Credit Herald-Leader

PARIS — A mural showing a tobacco harvest has been on display high in the second-floor rotunda of the Bourbon County Courthouse for more than 100 years.

"Burley put me through school," Judge-Executive Donnie Foley likes to say. "Burley built this courthouse, burley built the schools, burley put food on the table." And because of that, he said, he can't imagine a day when Bourbon County goes smoke-free.

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Mon February 17, 2014
State Capitol

Ky. House May Consider Smoking Ban This Week


The House sponsor of a bill that would establish a statewide smoking ban hopes to see a floor vote this week.   Proponents realize the measure still faces opposition.

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