Senate Education Committee

Stu Johnson

The Senate Education Committee Thursday approved requiring abstinence education as a part of any human sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases curriculum in public schools.  The debate in committee partly focused on how much emphasis would be given to the topic in the classroom.

Charter Schools Bill Moves to Kentucky Senate

Mar 10, 2016


Charter school legislation easily emerged from the Kentucky Senate Education Committee Thursday. But, the bill’s sponsor admits chance of passage is slim.

The measure proposes to use public funds to support charters piloted in Louisville and Lexington.  They would be exempt from most local and state school board regulations.  Lexington Senator Alice Kerr voted in favor of the bill.  “Since 1999, there has been nothing new under the sun for our lowest achieving students to achieve," Kerr said "So, why wouldn’t we use some of our money to try this?”


After failing on the initial vote last week, legislation to require most public school students in Kentucky to use the bathroom of their biological sex  is now headed to the full Senate.   The measure was approved during a surprise vote Monday by the Senate Education Committee.