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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — A federal judge says Kentucky taxpayers still owe nearly $225,000 in legal fees and court costs to the couples who sued a county clerk for refusing to issue marriage licenses because of her opposition to same-sex marriage.


Separation of Church & State on Eastern Standard

Sep 12, 2015
Noah Day

In light of recent events related to the issuance of marriage licenses for same-sex couples, separation of church and state has been on the minds of many Kentuckians. On this week's show, we'll discuss Separation of Church and State.


Dan Bennett, assistant professor of political science at Eastern Kentucky University, whose research focuses on the intersection of politics, law, and religion in the United States.

Davis Will Skip Work Until Monday

Sep 9, 2015

The day after she was released from jail, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis announced she would stay home from work until Monday, leaving unanswered whether she'll comply with a court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Davis's attorneys with the Christian law firm Liberty Counsel released a statement saying that she will spend the next several days resting with family and combing through the hundreds of letters she received during her five-day stint in jail.

Same-Sex Marriage in the Commonwealth on Eastern Standard

Jun 28, 2015
Noah Day

  The Supreme Court last week issued a much-anticipated ruling last week, declaring that marriage can no longer be denied to same-sex couple anywhere in the U.S.  On this week's show, we’ll meet some of the people involved in the issue in the Commonwealth. 

Our guests on this week's program are:

Of the 138 members of the Kentucky General Assembly, 107 have signed a brief in support of Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage, which is part of a case before the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday.

Kentucky’s case before the Supreme Court started with a conversation between attorneys Shannon Fauver and Dawn Elliott.

Jim Urquhart/Reuters/Landov

The Supreme Court says it will decide whether same-sex couples nationwide have a right to marry under the Constitution.

A judge in Kentucky has granted a divorce to a same-sex couple despite the fact the state doesn't recognize gay marriage.

Re-Defining Marriage on Eastern Standard

Sep 28, 2014

Kentuckians as well as folks in Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan are waiting on a ruling on same-sex marriage from the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit. Knowing that a ruling could come soon…and in light of growing speculation of the issue going to the nation’s highest court, we’ll discuss Re-defining marriage on this week’s EST.

Family Foundation Reacts to Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Feb 27, 2014
Family Foundation of Kentucky

Both sides in the gay marriage debate are reacting to Thursday’s developments regarding Kentucky’s same-sex marriage ban.  A federal judge in Louisville signed the final order, meaning his February 12th decision recognizing out-of-state same-sex marriages is now law. 

Ross Ewing

A Lexington couple is celebrating a federal judge’s final ruling that orders Kentucky to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.  Ross Ewing has been with his partner, David Cupps, for eight years.  The couple had planned to marry this summer in New York.

A Republican state senator says he intends to file a bill that would permit a third-party to appeal a ruling that says Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional. Sen. Dan Seum tells Kentucky Public Radio that if Attorney General Jack Conway decides not to appeal a decision by Judge John Heyburn that nullifies the state’s ban on gay marriage, his bill would allow others to do so. 

Federal court says Ky. must Recognize Same-sex Marriages from Other States

Feb 12, 2014

U.S. District Court Judge John Heyburn has struck down Kentucky's ban on recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside the state.

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., issued a statement commending the judge's ruling: “I am proud of the four Kentucky families who are standing up for marriage equality in this lawsuit and of the thousands more who continue this fight every day. Today’s ruling is an important step forward in the march toward recognition of all marriages under the law and full equality in our Commonwealth.”

Meanwhile, the Family Foundation issued a statement taking the opposite point of view. According to the foundation's news release: "Kentucky marriage policy will now be dictated from places like Boston and San Francisco," said Martin Cothran, a spokesman for The Family Foundation said in the release.

Poll Shows Opposition to Same-sex Marriage Softening in Ky.

Feb 9, 2014

A majority of Kentucky voters continues to oppose same-sex marriage, but public opinion appears to be shifting on the issue.

A new Herald-Leader/WKYT Bluegrass Poll found that 55 percent of registered voters oppose same-sex marriage, compared with 35 percent who support allowing gays and lesbians to marry in Kentucky. Ten percent weren't sure.