Sabrina Farhi


Mon June 16, 2014
Listener Feedback

Feedback: Still Not Happy with NPR Credit Announcer, How About New Feedback Promos?

Listener MSJ wrote a long email about NPR’s relatively new announcer for underwriting credits.  He says, “This is a croaking, creaking, irritating, raspy, untrained, voice which leaves her gasping for air (the sound of which producers at NPR refuse to edit, it seems) at the end of each announcement.

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Mon December 23, 2013
Listener Feedback

Feedback: Last Word on NPR Announcer Plus Comments with End-of-Year Donations

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For the past couple of weeks, we’ve aired comments in reaction to a listener who does not like NPR’s new announcer, Sabrina Farhi.    Sabrina is the new voice of underwriting credits for most of the NPR shows, especially the hourly newscasts, Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Phyllis wrote, “Please give my support to the new announcer that the woman listener complained about.  Everybody is new some time, and I felt the woman’s comments were overdone.”

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Mon December 16, 2013
Listener Feedback

Feedback: More on New NPR Announcer & Music vs. the BBC

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Last week, we aired a comment from a listener who does not like NPR’s new announcer, Sabrina Farhi.    We asked for responses from other listeners and we received.

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Mon December 9, 2013
Listener Feedback

Feedback: How About More BBC & Who's the New NPR Announcer?

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Diana, from Lexington, emailed us, “As long as you have all day broadcasting of Talk Shows, it is beyond me why you do not broadcast one of the best shows on any radio station, and that is the Diane Rehm Show.  Why?  The only time I ever get to hear this wonderful show is when I’m in my car on a trip.”

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