Rotary club

Lexington Rotary Bringing Rodeo to Horse Park

Nov 21, 2014
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

In celebration of their 100th anniversary, Lexington's Rotary Club is bringing the professional rodeo to town.  The announcement came yesterday during the group's weekly meeting.

Stu Johnson / Weku News

Lexington mayoral candidate Anthany Beatty doesn't believe increasing two-way traffic in the downtown area would be an improvement.  It's an issue that has been debated and studied over the past several years. 

Lexington’s Council has so far not acted to convert any two-way streets to one-way.  Beatty believes such a change would likely cause traffic gridlock, saying  "Two way streets are somewhat problematic as you're trying to expedite traffic, particularly with left turns and all the complicating things that back traffic up and cause more congestion.”

Lexington Mayor Talks Jobs, Public Safety with Rotarians.

Aug 21, 2014
Stu Johnson / Weku News

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says the city has climbed out of the recession.  Gray offered an assessment of his first three years in office to Lexington Rotarians Thursday.  The first term mayor admits job creation efforts never end.  "Lexington has come out of the recession as a university city faster than other cities our size.  Now, we have many challenges ahead of us.  That's the nature of good management," said Gray.