Ray Larson


Long time Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Larson has announced his retirement effective at the end of September.  He’s served as Lexington’s chief prosecutor for more than three decades.

The man known among criminal court professionals as a "no-nonsense" prosecutor says he didn’t want to be known as someone who stayed too long in the job. 

In his notice, Ray Larson states guiding principles for his office were, among others, treating every person fairly.  In almost 32 years as Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney he believes the office has been operated free of politics. 

Veteran Prosecutor Weighs in on New Heroin Law

Mar 29, 2015


A long time circuit court prosecutor is hopeful Kentucky’s new heroin law works to help reduce drug overdoses.  Fayette Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson is taking a wait and see approach.

Kentucky’s new heroin law sets higher trafficking penalties, particularly for those found with larger quantities of the drug.  Larson worries the changes to the law could make it harder to prosecute drug offenses.  "They'll know how much heroin that they can possess on their person to keep the penalties low, they know about that," said Larson.

Capital Punishment on Eastern Standard

Mar 17, 2014

Capital punishment has been used in the US since Colonial Days, for crimes as varied as murder, theft, sexual perversity or denying the existence of God.

Despite efforts to do away with the death penalty, it is still a legal punishment in 32 states.