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Stu Johnson / WEKU News

    Central Kentuckians will go to the polls next week to select Republican and Democratic nominees for the Sixth District U.S. House seat.  Today we conclude our review of the four candidates with the thoughts of retired state energy engineer Geoff Young. 

Young, who is making his fourth run for political office since 2012, is straightforward about what he believes to be the most important issue in this congressional race.  He says it’s “war and peace.” 

Primary Election on Eastern Standard

May 11, 2015
Noah Day

Kentuckians head to the polls next week for the primary elections that features candidates for governor and other state constitutional offices.

We’ll discuss the twists and turns of the governor’s race and other matters on the ballot on this week's show.

Lexington city leaders will consider lifting an Election Day ban on the sale of alcohol this fall.  The state cleared the way to remove the prohibition, but it still defers to each locality.  Vice Mayor Linda Gorton doesn't think removing the alcohol sale ban on Election Day increases the chance of drunk voters.  "I really don't think that's a legitimate issue.  I think if somebody's that intent on going to the polls and being inebriated, they're gonna do it," said Gorton.

Primary Election Preview on Eastern Standard

May 12, 2014

While the 2014 mid-term election is a half a year away, Kentucky voters will go to the polls this month for a primary election.  On this week's show, we'll discuss the May 20 Primary with journalists covering politics in the Commonwealth.

Among the topics we'll discuss: The competition for the Democratic nomination for the Sixth District U.S. House;  the race for the U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent and House Minority Leader Mitch McConnell; the Lexington Mayoral Race; and any other races of interest to our listeners.

The results of Kentucky’s May 17th primary election have been officially certified.  It took the State Board of Elections less than an hour to go over the numbers and certify the primary vote tallies.  Secretary of State Elaine Walker says the only exception to the election night vote count was addressed in a recanvass conducted two weeks ago.