Office of Drug Control Policy

Lexington Hosts Forum on Opiate Abuse

May 17, 2016
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Various issues related to problems with opiate addiction in Kentucky have been highlighted in a central Kentucky community forum.  A packed room listened to a panel discussion Monday at the “Bluegrass Forum on Opiate Use Disorders: A Time for Community Action.” Participants were told four Kentuckians, on average, die every day from overdoses. 

Overdose Numbers Frustrate State Drug Czar

Jul 31, 2014

A new report out Thursday says drug overdose deaths remained virtually the same in Kentucky over the last couple of years. 

A study by the Office of Drug Control Policy shows 1,007 people died in Kentucky from drug overdose in 2013, compared to 1,004 people in 2012.

Van Ingram, Director of the Office of Drug Control Policy, calls the report “frustrating.”

"While we've made some in-roads in prescription drug deaths, increases in heroin deaths kind of evened us out and plateaued and deaths remained largely the same," said Ingram.