Sarah Jane Sanders

Candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. Those are the four basic food groups according to Buddy the Elf. And this time of year, the gluttonous season, it seems like he is onto something.


But researchers say that mindful eating –choosing quality over quantity and savoring your meals instead of, say, plowing through another pint of Ben & Jerry’s while watching “Westworld” — can make a difference.

Summit Focuses on Links Between Childhood Obesity and Learning

Jul 30, 2014

    Education and health advocates are brainstorming ways to increase physical activity in school without diminishing academic focus.

Participants met Wednesday during a Lexington summit.

Eastern Standard: Obesity in the Commonwealth

Feb 1, 2014

One place where Kentucky ranks among the top ten states is…obesity. One study ranks the Commonwealth as 6th most obese, not far behind 4th place Tennessee and 3rd place West Virginia.