Fri February 13, 2015
Health and Welfare

Deadline is Sunday to Avoid Penalty for Not Having Insurance

Credit getcovered-ky.org

A family of four in Kentucky earning more than $24,250 a year has until midnight Sunday to sign up for health insurance to avoid a federal tax penalty.

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Tue July 22, 2014
Health and Welfare

Health Rulings Won't Affect Kentucky

Credit https://kyenroll.ky.gov/

 Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear says rulings Tuesday on President Barack Obama's health care law won't affect enrollees in Kentucky's state-run health exchange.

Beshear said in a statement released by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services that premium assistance that Kentucky enrollees have qualified for also won't be affected.

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Mon January 13, 2014
Listener Feedback

Feedback: One Vote for "The Unconventionals, One Against Using "Obamacare"

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Last Sunday evening, we aired the pilot episode of a new public radio program called, “The Unconventionals” featuring, among other businesses, Lexington’s Big Ass Fans.

(sound from the program)

We solicited comments both for the producers and for our use and here’s what Mary had to say, “I love this show. I always like hearing how companies got started and what they do to survive and grow. Thinking out of the box as it were. It's great advice for anyone thinking about starting their own business. I hope you are able to keep this show on the air."

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Mon November 25, 2013
Listener Feedback

Feedback: God, JFK & Obamacare

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Last week, we devoted out entire segment to comments in reaction to a listener who was very unhappy with a Day Sponsorship announcement that mentioned God. Most of the comments came down on the side of allowing such messages in the interest of free speech. 

Here is one final remark that came in last weekend, “I appreciate all the news that NPR brings and I think all the news includes all kinds of religious information, whether or not I agree with it.  Thank you for doing a great job.”

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