Oakridge Boys


Fri June 27, 2014
Arts Weekly

Rich Copley: Oakridge Boys, Pride Festival & Local Actress 'Under the Dome'

Rich Copley is an arts and culture reporter for the Lexington Herald Leader. He joins us for a "chat" every Friday at 7:35 am and 12:35 pm.

It's time for our weekly chat with Rich Copley about weekend arts and cultural activities. Rich tells WEKU’s John Hingsbergen that, with the Oakridge Boys performing Saturday night at Renfro Valley, he had a chance to interview one of the members of the group.  

Rich Copley is an arts reporter for the Lexington Herald Leader.  Information on the weekend’s events is available in today’s (Friday) edition.  You can also find out about arts and cultural events by visiting the events calendar on-line, at WEKU dot FM.

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