November Election

Stu Johnson

Now that the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly session is history, many lawmakers will turn their attention to Election Day. There was lots of talk about elections during the legislative session. 

Many of those comments about elections came from protesting teachers. Louisville Representative Mary Lou Marzian expects the Democrats to make significant gains in November.  “Oh, I think we have a great chance to win 20-25 seats,” said Marzian 

Democrats need 14 additional seats to regain control in the Kentucky House. 

Richmond Commission Candidates Debate Issues from Safety to Parks

Apr 26, 2016

Five candidates for Richmond city commission participated in a debate at Eastern Kentucky University Monday night.  The event, which was streamed “live” on YouTube, began with questions about downtown revitalization. 

Incumbent commissioner Jason Morgan believes there are possibilities for the historic yet long-vacant Glyndon Hotel,  “We can have Eastern rent out some space for college kids and have flats and then have the first floor as retail business.”

The two candidates vying for Kentucky agriculture commissioner both say they see a big future for hemp in the Commonwealth.  Democratic candidate Jean Marie Lawson-Spann believes in time, industrial hemp could mean tens of thousands of jobs in Kentucky.  “We will recruit Ag processors that will help that come to fruition like when you look at makeup, baskets, clothing, automobile needs,” said Lawson-Spann.