Mon March 24, 2014
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Feedback: Too Much Coverage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370?

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In reaction to our Friday news story, Over 200 Becoming US Citizens at Transylvania University, Natasa left a correction for us, using the Disqus feature beneath the web post.  We reported, based on a news release from the university that last week’s was the first naturalization ceremony at the school in 26 years.  Natasa commented, “Actually, the last Naturalization Ceremony was held at Transylvania sixteen years ago, not twenty six.”

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Fri March 21, 2014
The Commonwealth

Over 200 Becoming US Citizens at Transylvania University

Transylvania University's Haggin Auditorium becomes a federal courthouse for a day to host a naturalization ceremony Friday March 21, 2014

A facility in downtown Lexington becomes a federal courtroom for a day today.  That’s because Transylvania University is hosting a U.S. Naturalization Ceremony. The school’s Haggin Auditorium  will be the site of the university’s first citizenship ceremony in 16 years.  


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