Focus on Business: Kip Cornett on Breeder's Cup 2015

Oct 13, 2014

The Breeders’ Cup will take place in 2015 at Lexington, Kentucky’s Keeneland Race Course - the spot where this prestigious international thoroughbred racing event was conceived - but before now, has never been held.

The horse racing will take place on Friday and Saturday, October 30th and 31st of next year. But planning is now underway to begin the party well before October 30th.

Kip Cornett chairs the 2015 Breeders’ Cup/Keeneland Host Committee and he spoke with Tom Martin.

Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Both candidates for Lexington mayor agree that employment must be a key focus of local government.

Incumbent Mayor Jim Gray and challenger Anthany Beatty took center stage Wednesday night at Transylvania University, in a debate sponsored by the school and the Lexington Forum. 

Here's the audio from our radio broadcast: 


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City of Lexington Likely to Deny Cable Television Transfer

Oct 8, 2014

Lexington city leaders remain at odds with its cable TV carrier over a franchise agreement.   The Lexington Council is expected to vote Thursday night on resolutions denying the transfer of the local franchise from Time Warner to Comcast, and from Comcast to Charter Communications.  The vote comes as city officials are hearing customer concerns on service and cost.  


A Lexington city council committee has unanimously approved adding electronic cigarettes to the existing indoor smoking ban.  Carol Riker with the University of Kentucky College of Nursing told council Tuesday that e-cigarette aerosols contain toxic gases and tiny particles.  

Vice Mayor Linda Gorton brought the issue to the committee.  "It's a matter of not making it illegal to sell or buy or use the e-cigarettes, it's just don't use them inside where everybody else breathes the air," said Gorton.

New Technologies Could Improve Lexington Traffic Flow

Oct 2, 2014

Officials tasked with managing Lexington's traffic flow are met with daily challenges. The city's new director of traffic engineering is utilizing innovative communication technologies to help get motorists from one spot to another.

Kentuckians Can Get Protection From Four Flu Strains This Fall

Sep 22, 2014

Mid September marks a key point in the flu shot season across Kentucky.  So, health officials are urging all central Kentuckians over six months old to get vaccinated.  Lois Davis, Fayette County Health Department Public Health Nursing Manager says her agency has administered about three thousand shots during each of the last few years.  "It's stayed about the same, I think because of there are more opportunities in the community to get flu shots.  Most of the pharmacies, they are offering flu shots and plus when you go to the grocery stores, those pharmacies are offering flu shots, which


Lexington city officials are initiating a pilot program on substance abuse and violence intervention.  The aim is to advance communication among police, treatment officials, and families directly impacted by drugs and violence.  Social Services Commissioner Beth Mills says five subcommittees will delve into issues like victim services and gun violence.  "Each subcommittee will come up with projects for the community and then we will also do post incident review of drug overdoses, deaths from gun violence, so that law enforcement is talking to the treatment community who's talking to the gr

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A trade school associated with the Home Builders Association of Lexington officially opens Monday.  About 28 students will participate in heating, ventilation, air conditioning or carpentry classes at the Building Institute of Central Kentucky.

Workforce Development Plan Due in December to City Council

Aug 28, 2014

Lexington city leaders are hoping to use workforce related data to design a new job placement strategy. 

Business and Education Network Director Billie Peavler updated Urban County Council members this week. Peavler says a report detailing workforce needs for 11 industries is expected later this year.  "This is really about identifying what our current labor pool is, what our future needs of our employers are and building that pipeline for that.  Attracting, retaining, and developing a skilled, educated, and talented workforce," said Peavler.


Lexington is proceeding with a new program to provide permanent housing for the city's homeless.  The $200,000 "Housing First" project is being coordinated through the new Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention.

Summer Weather in Kentucky Runs Gamut from Drought to Flood

Aug 25, 2014

The Commonwealth is experiencing varying weather conditions this summer. Most recently, heavy rains have hit hard in portions of central and eastern Kentucky. 

University of Kentucky Agricultural Meteorologist Matt Dixon says so far this month, Kentucky has seen an average of four and a half inches of rainfall. "This would place in the top 25 wettest August on record.  Saying that, we still have six days to go in August, so we very well could rise in the records there," said Dixon.


Some Lexington area residents were hit twice this week by power outages. Electricity was interrupted for about an hour and a half Friday morning in parts of downtown, the University of Kentucky and portions of Nicholasville Road. 

Kentucky Prosecutors Gather in Lexington for Annual Meeting

Aug 20, 2014
Stu Johnson / Weku News


Hundreds of county and state prosecutors are meeting in Lexington this week to discuss issues ranging from human trafficking to jury selection to search and seizure procedures.

City Council Acts to Secure Future Funding for Affordable Housing

Aug 20, 2014

Lexington city leaders are moving forward with efforts to fund affordable housing. The city is spending $3 million this fiscal year toward developing affordable units. 

The council Tuesday gave first approval for setting aside $2 million in the next budget. 

39th Woodland Art Fair Makes for a Day in the Park

Aug 15, 2014
Stu Johnson / Weku News


Lexington's Woodland Park transforms this weekend into a place bustling with arts and crafts, music, and food. 

Final preparations are underway for the 39th Woodland Art Fair.


The University of Kentucky is proposing major changes be made to a busy Lexington road.

New Natural Gas-Powered Garbage Trucks Hit Lexington Streets

Aug 12, 2014
Stu Johnson / Weku News

Garbage collection in some Lexington neighborhoods is about to get whole lot quieter. 

Eleven compressed natural gas powered garbage trucks are coming on line this week.  It's the first step in a major transition to natural gas for the entire 126 garbage truck fleet. 

Minorities get Business Advice and Seek Connections at Expo

Aug 3, 2014

Participation in Lexington's annual minority-owned business expo continues to grow within and outside Kentucky.  Over 500 attendees Friday heard advice on business planning, expansion, and start-up strategies. 

Public Safety Agencies Gearing Up with New Radio Technology

Jul 14, 2014
Stu Johnson / Weku radio

Fayette County public safety agencies are tuning in to a new emergency radio network.  The digital radio system allows for seamless communications among first responders and offers clear reception inside buildings county wide. 



Lexington Police Lieutenant Scott Blakely says the central Kentucky community is home to a one and a half to two million dollar weekly drug habit.   While heroin-related overdose deaths are on a decline, the narcotics officer says crack cocaine use is on an uptick.  Blakely says cocaine and heroin sales take place all over Lexington.  "It is available from downtown to Heartland, from downtown to Beaumont.  With heroin, it was everywhere.  It's not just centered to downtown and neither is the cocaine and it never has been in Lexington," said Blakely.


Lexington's mayor Friday issued an executive order that will reinstate a program allowing personal use of police cruisers.  The action by Mayor Jim Gray comes after the police union suspended a vote on a proposed 50 dollar monthly fee for personal use of vehicles. 

Lexington Police Cruiser Policy Change in Limbo

Jul 10, 2014

Lexington's police union has suspended a vote on a cruiser "take home" policy originally scheduled to continue through the weekend.  The proposed policy calls for a monthly 50 dollar fee for officers who want to use their vehicles for personal reasons.  The issue may not be resolved until collective bargaining negotiations resume in early 2015.

Lexington Schedules ‘Peace Walks’ to End Violent Crime

Jul 10, 2014
Stu Johnson / Weku Radio

Lexington's Mayor and sheriff, some pastors, and community activists gathered in Duncan Park Thursday to call for "peace walks" to put an end to recent violence in the city. 

Fatal shootings involving young people area causing increased concerns about gun-related violence.  Council Member Chris Ford says police are reaching out to community members. "They're trying to build a bond with our community and I'm gonna ask our community to, in turn, work with our police department, work with our church leaders, work with our community organizations," said Ford


Lexington city leaders hope to bring new life to vacant residential structures.  Chip Crawford with the Vacant Property Review Commission delivered a report to Urban County Council members Tuesday.  Crawford says one recommendation calls for increasing property taxes for houses in persistent disrepair.  "We sort of view this as the last step, this and eminent domain as the last potential step, we hope that we've been able to come up with incentives and other opportunities way before it gets to that one year  to two year period of being vacant or blighted," said Crawford


    Lots of fireworks will likely be going off the next few days in central Kentucky neighborhoods. In Lexington, there will likely be a mix of legal and illegal works.

More than a year ago, the state passed legislation to legalize flying and exploding fireworks.  Still, some individual communities, like Lexington opted to continue a ban on those types of pyrotechnics.  Most all of the counties surrounding Fayette do allow the sale of fireworks that go airborne or blow up. 

Lexington Council Backs Annual Funding for Housing

Jul 2, 2014

Lexington city leaders are moving forward with a plan to help establish more affordable housing.  The first units under a new program could be built next year.

Planning Commissioner Derek Paulsen brought an extensive report before council Tuesday.  In it, he recommends spending two million dollars annually out of the city's housing fund for housing.   Three million dollars is already set aside for housing. 

Gray and Beatty to Compete in Mayoral Race

May 21, 2014

The two-person field is set for Lexington's mayoral race.  Incumbent Jim Gray and former police chief Anthany Beatty will compete for the top job in Lexington government. 

Lexington Mayoral Candidates

May 18, 2014

In our series this week, all three candidates for mayor of Lexington responded to questions about the horse industry.

Danny Mayer

First, Bluegrass Community and Technical College instructor Danny Mayer who's making his first run for public office. 

Mayer tells WEKU's Stu Johnson the equine business has historical backing in the city.

Danny Mayer's campaign website

Anthany Beatty

Candidate Q and A: Lexington Mayor's Race, Danny Mayer

May 15, 2014

Bluegrass Community and Technical College instructor Danny Mayer is making his first run for public office.  The former community newspaper publisher is vying for one of two spots in the fall race for Lexington mayor. 

In our series this week, all three candidates have responded to questions about the horse industry.  Mayer tells WEKU's Stu Johnson the equine business has historical backing in the city.

John Hingsbergen

Lexington’s three candidates for Mayor faced off Thursday in a debate sponsored by the Lexington Forum. Incumbent Jim Gray was joined by challengers Danny Mayer and Anthany Beatty.