Lexington Officials Confirm October 31 as Trick-or-Treat Date

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Trick-or-treaters in Lexington have options this year when it comes to the traditional Halloween activity.  The matter of a date for trick-or-treating has been an item before Lexington’s council more than once this year. 

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Lexington city officials are recognizing a renovation project planned for a west end housing complex.  The Ferrill Square Apartments project is one of the first funded through the city’s Office of Affordable Housing.

Lexington Council Debates Cost to Research New City Hall Home

Oct 7, 2015


Lexington’s Council voted Tuesday to give preliminary approval to spend almost $200,000 to study the feasibility of moving city hall to a new location.  A highly debated downtown project was drawn into the discussion.

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    For the first time in more than 75 years, the University of Kentucky is hosting a Thursday night football game.  The nationally televised contest is expected to impact thousands of area residents.

UK football is normally only played on Saturdays. But On Thursday October 15, the Wildcats will host the Auburn Tigers in an evening game.  Mayor Jim Gray says asking for those affected for their patience. “A lot of patience," added Gray. "Chief (Barnard) said a little bit of patience, I would say a lot of patience.” 

Greenhouse 17 Launches "17 Days/17 Ways"

Oct 1, 2015

As part of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a Kentucky advocacy agency is launching a social media campaign to educate the community on intimate partner abuse.

Each day for the first 17 days of the month Greenhouse 17 will share one way to combat abuse.

Keeneland Officials Prepare for October Racing

Sep 29, 2015
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Another fall meet gets underway this Friday at the historic Keeneland Race Track.  October racing in Lexington is expected to pack in the crowds like never before.

Citation Boulevard Extension Opens

Sep 22, 2015
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    The extension of two and a half miles of Citation Boulevard in Lexington means more to area residents than additional pavement. The new path is expected to impact traffic as well as business.

This stretch of Citation Boulevard links Leestown and Georgetown Roads.  Traffic Engineer Director Dowell Hoskins-Squier says the divided four lane roadway should ease northwest Lexington congestion.  “Any roadway connections are a good thing, so the more connectivity we have the better," she said. "And this will provide additional connections to the interstate."

Fundraising Under Way for Lexington Linear Park

Sep 18, 2015

A private fundraising campaign for a linear park through downtown Lexington is set to kick into high gear.  The city's council has authorized Blue Grass Community Foundation to move forward with a $50 million effort to support the 2-mile-long project.

Lexington City Leaders Consider Change to Downtown Speed Limits

Sep 17, 2015


Lexington’s traffic engineering division presented their case this week to a city council committee for lowering speed limits on several downtown streets.  The idea got a cool reaction from a number of council members. 

Federal Sewer Tank Project Includes Plans for Area Amenities

Sep 16, 2015
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The massive federally mandated sewer improvement program in Lexington includes construction of several large water storage tanks.  Plans for one such holding tank were discussed Tuesday at City Hall.  The tank will be built near the popular Legacy Trail.  Landscape Architect Gena Wirth says the goal is to try to keep the massive tank from standing out too much.  “You still see it," said Wirth. "It’s impossible to screen the tank entirely with vegetation.  But, the point is this is part of Lexington’s water quality infrastructure and a huge amount of investment is being put into it.

Lexington Leaders Set Sights on Neighborhood Repaving

Sep 16, 2015


Lexington city leaders have made decisions on ways to split up $10 million for street repaving.  There are both short and long term objectives.

In years past, money for repaving had been split equally among 12 council districts.  Now, it’s proportionally divided, based on needs. 


Although the peak fireworks season has come and gone, Lexington city leaders are considering changes in liability insurance levels for non-city displays.  A council committee last week looked into lowering the liability requirement from $5 million to $2 million for neighborhood or club shows.  Council member Amanda Mays-Bledsoe supports a change in the policy. She said they are “trying to make it easier and feasible and financially sustainable for other nonprofits and churches or homeowners associations and neighborhoods to sponsor an event show without sponsoring a $5,000,000 program.”

Lexington Council Trying to Find Compromise on Minimum Wage

Sep 11, 2015
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Two proposals to raise the minimum wage in Lexington are now before city council.  Council member Susan Lamb on Thursday detailed an alternative proposal to that offered by colleague Jennifer Mossotti.  Lamb’s plan boosts the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour over three years, compared Mossotti's proposal of $10.10. Mossotti says another difference is her draft includes a provision for tipped employees.  “We have to get over that first hurdle, we’re going to move forward with the basic increases in minimum wage, then we’ll go to the next step,” said Mossotti.


The Lexington City Council has approved a plan to consolidate two homeless service centers into one new site.  The action is also expected to impact two civil suits and a federal investigation.



Lexington officials say progress is being made to address the concerns of waste management employees.  The head of public works says the two sides have come to some agreement but more time is needed to address all issues.

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Lexington city leaders have decided to wait before moving forward with home delivery restrictions on unsolicited publications. The debate at city hall pertains primarily to an advertising and news product of the Lexington Herald Leader.  A council committee voted earlier this summer to require such publications to be placed on doorsteps, rather than on front lawns or on driveways. Council member Bill Farmer believes there are free speech issues to consider.  “We’re taking a broad brush approach to stopping the paper from delivering this circular, this informational circular, and it harms t

Lexington at Work on Update to Ethics Act

Sep 2, 2015


Lexington officials are reviewing the city’s ethics act.  Recommendations are expected later this fall.

A council subcommittee is examining ethics regulations for council members and other city employees.  Subcommittee Chair Angela Evans says an updated ethics act could go beyond issues like financial disclosure and using public office for personal gain. She says the group is working on an official definition for misconduct.  “It opens it up to beyond just how you use your office,” said Evans.

Lexington Officials Consider Two Trick or Treat Events

Sep 1, 2015


Prep for Breeders’ Cup in Final Furlong at Keeneland

Aug 31, 2015

In less than two months, all eyes of the horse racing world will be on Lexington.  Preparation for the Breeders’ Cup Championships is entering the stretch drive at Keeneland race track.  Keeneland Vice President Vince Gabbert says auxiliary seating is being positioned around the historic facility.  “They’re upscale premium seating that we’ve got, that we brought in.  Much more like a golf course type setting with the tents and the Chalets that we’re using.  But, those are already being done and will be finalized in the next three weeks actually,” said Gabbert.

Council Considers New Site for Lexington Homeless Shelters

Aug 31, 2015
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Lexington’s Council has given “first reading” approval to a proposal to relocate the city’s services for the homeless. With final Council approval, by next summer, some night and day services could end up combined at one location.

Lexington Global Engagement Center to Serve Foreign-Born Residents

Aug 28, 2015
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Lexington officials unveiled the city's Global Engagement Center Friday. 

Global Lex is located on Versailles Road with a mission of fostering civic engagement, mutual understanding, economic development, and artistic diversity.

Short Street Facelift Precedes Breeders’ Cup Frenzy

Aug 27, 2015
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Downtown Lexington’s Short Street is featuring a new look.  The makeover comes in advance of October’s Breeders Cup Championships at Keeneland.  Downtown Development Authority President Jeff Fugate says the changes make the area more pedestrian friendly.  “We’ve made it safer for the pedestrian,” said Fugate. “We’ve widened sidewalks, we’ve shortened the crosswalks so that, if you’ve got heels on or slow to get across the street it’s easier to get across the street to get where you want to be.”

Lexington IT Firm Founder Appointed to Council

Aug 27, 2015
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The rural communities in Fayette County will be represented by Lexington businessman Russ Hensley.  He replaces Ed Lane who passed away earlier this month after serving on council for almost 10 years.  The 40 year old London, Kentucky native is part owner of an information technology services firm and partner in a design and branding company.  Hensley says he wants to carry on Lane’s focus.

Lexington Officials Waiting to Hear from Feds on Park Funding

Aug 25, 2015

Lexington city officials are expecting to hear in September if they’ll receive a federal grant to help with a much talked about downtown park project.  The money would add $13 million toward construction of the Town Branch Commons linear park.  Mayoral Chief of Staff Jamie Emmons said Tuesday during a council work session that even if Lexington doesn’t secure the grant, plans for the project are likely to remain the same.  “No I don’t think there’s any scaling down of the project," Emmons said.

Lexington to Host Broadband Conference Next Month

Aug 24, 2015


As efforts continue to wire both rural and urban communities across Kentucky, the city of Lexington is planning to host a broadband conference next month.  A major emphasis will be on the economic impact of broadband growth.

Pickleball Comes to a Lexington Park

Aug 19, 2015
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The game of Pickleball is now officially a part of Lexington’s park system.  The dedication of six outdoor pickleball courts took place Wednesday at Kirklevington Park.

Pickleball is described as a mix of tennis, badminton, and ping pong played with small paddles, a whiffle ball, and a low net.


Lexington council members should be expecting a request in the next week or so to hire an architectural firm to design new uses for the old courthouse.  Council was updated on the project during Tuesday’s work session.   Jenifer Wuorenmaa with the Chief Administrator’s Office says the plan is to form a for-profit general partner to take advantage of tax credits.  “This project has to sort of work together with exterior work, some internal work, and some roof replacement so we can start spending money and capturing as much of those expenses as we can," said Wuorenmaa.  

Lexington Council Reschedules Meeting on Minimum Wage

Aug 18, 2015

A Lexington council meeting focusing on a proposal to raise the minimum wage citywide has been postponed.  The decision to reschedule came during Tuesday’s work session.

Lexington Begins Food Truck Fire Safety Inspections

Aug 17, 2015

The city of Lexington is initiating a fire inspection program for food trucks.  Details were spelled out last week during a council committee meeting.  Lexington Fire Marshal Mike Farmer says the review covers many aspects of cooking on food trucks.  “We have a meter that will try to ascertain if there’s a propane leak, if they’re using propane to cook with," Farmer said. "We check their fire protection systems like their hood system.  We’re gonna check their extinguishers to make sure they’re up to date and current.” 

Lexington's Alumni Drive Near UK to Reopen Sunday

Aug 14, 2015

After undergoing significant modification, a heavily used Lexington road that connects two main thoroughfares reopens this weekend. A realigned portion of Alumni Drive will be open to traffic on Sunday.