The Lexington Fayette Urban County Council last night approved a resolution giving Spectrum Cable and its parent company Charter Communications a month to respond to a list of service complaints or face fines. 

Council Member Bill Farmer says, despite a public forum in August, complaints have continued, citing intermittent broadband service, problems with channel accessibility, and unexplained charges.  

Stu Johnson

Lexington's council has voted to join a global initiative to embrace the value of compassion.

The Lexington Fayette community will sign on to the "Charter for Compassion."

Changes in Store for Lexington Public Golf

Oct 11, 2017

Lexington government officials are implementing a number of changes in golf operations for its five public courses. 

The modifications are aimed at reducing an annual loss of about $1 million.

CEO Named for New Lexington Downtown Partnership

Oct 11, 2017

A new organization proposed to focus on economic development and marketing of Lexington’s downtown has its first chief executive officer. 

The appointment comes following the expected merger of two long-standing downtown groups.


The Lexington Urban County Council is expected to give Spectrum cable a month to make improvements in various services or face the possibility of fines.

After a closed session Tuesday, council voted to put a resolution on its Thursday agenda to give legal notice to provider of cable TV and broadband services. 

Fayette County Health Department

The Lexington Health Department is changing the look of restaurant inspection placards found posted at eating establishments. 

Currently, the scores posted in green ink signify a passing grade and red used for a failing inspection.

The chair of a Lexington’Urban County Council committee says it’s not always dollars that lure commercial enterprises to local areas.

Economic development incentives got a going-over last week at Lexington City Hall. 


A Lexington City Hall discussion this week on comprehensive planning got into a larger discussion about growth issues. 

Budget committee members reviewed goals and objectives in the proposed comprehensive plan. 

Lexington Council Hears 'Together Lexington' Report

Sep 27, 2017

Leaders in a Lexington initiative to elicit community conversation on issues like affordable housing and homelessness, gentrification, and LGBTQ+ inclusion brought their findings to government leaders Tuesday.

The briefing to Lexington’s council comes after multiple ‘courageous conversation’ community forums.

Stu Johnson

Friday’s ribbon-cutting for a major section of Lexington’s Newtown Pike Extension signals more than a change in traffic flow. 

Another key feature of the revitalized area is an effort to offer affordable housing.

Stu Johnson

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray touched on a number of topics in his annual address to Rotarians Thursday. 

That included numerous updates on high profile projects.


A review of Lexington’s Purchase of Development Rights program by a Council committee Tuesday included discussion of a designated revenue stream to help support the rural land preservation effort. 

It would involve the use of hotel/motel tax money.

Lexington Veterans Commission Plans Move Forward

Sep 18, 2017
Nathan Morgan/The Daily News

Lexington’s council is expected to create a new veterans commission in the coming weeks.  

An ordinance establishing a 19-person panel got General Government Committee approval last week. 


Lexington’s mass transit system is the recipient of a $1 million federal grant.

The funding from the Federal Transit Authority’s Low or No Emission Vehicle Program is far less than what was requested.

Lexington's Chrysalis House to Host Head Start

Sep 15, 2017
Stu Johnson

Mothers and their children receiving services at the state’s largest licensed substance abuse treatment program for women will be among the first to experience a rebranded child Head Start program. 

Stu Johnson

On the day after Mayor Jim Gray announced a "conditional yes" by the Lexington Cemetery Board to accept two Confederate statues urban county council members offered their reactions. 

All their public remarks yesterday indicated satisfaction for how the matter is being handled.

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The Lexington Cemetery Board has given a "conditional yes” to accepting two Confederate statues now on the grounds of the Historic Old Courthouse.

The cemetery's governing board gave its response Monday after Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and others stated their case.

Stu Johnson

Lexington’s Mayor will go before the nine-member board of the Lexington Cemetery Monday afternoon.

Jim Gray will ask for approval to relocate two Confederate statues from the Old Courthouse grounds to the facility on Main Street, just west of downtown.

Since the first interment there in 1849, many people with historical significance have been laid to rest in this cemetery,  including Confederate general John Hunt Morgan and lawyer, politician, and soldier John Breckinridge. 

Speaking just a few feet from the grave of John Hunt Morgan, General Manager Mark Durbin says there are over 73,000 persons buried in the cemetery’s 170 acres.


Lexington's Planning Commission has voted to keep the combined city/county community’s urban service boundary as is. 

The seven-to-four vote Thursday followed a nine-month review process.

DACA Supporters Rally in Lexington

Sep 6, 2017
Stu Johnson

As in many communities across Kentucky and the nation, supporters of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals took to the streets of Lexington last night. 

The outcry comes in the wake of the Trump administration’s announcement Tuesday to phase DACA out in six months.

Lexington Code of Ordinances Under Review

Sep 5, 2017

Lexington's council is in the midst of revising its code of ordinances in the areas of neglected housing and nuisances. 

Lexington Code Enforcement Director Ken Armstrong briefed the council’s Planning and Public Safety Committee on changes last week.

Lexington Leader Eyes Public Pension Reform

Sep 5, 2017

Work at the state level to address public pension problems is also being watched closed at the local government level.  

Council Member Susan Lamb broached the topic last week during the weekly work session. 

Citizens Weigh In on Lexington's Service Boundary

Sep 1, 2017
Stu Johnson

Lexington’s Planning Commission is preparing to weigh in on goals and objectives for the update of the community’s comprehensive plan. 

Before making that decision, the panel heard from the public Thursday afternoon at city hall.


Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is asking the board at a local cemetery to consider placement of two Confederate statues on its historic burial grounds. 

A letter dated August 24 making such a request went to the General Manager of Lexington Cemetery Mark Durbin.


A Lexington council committee will study ways of increasing representation of women through public art.  

Council member Jennifer Mossotti made the request Tuesday.


Stu Johnson

A Lexington council member says the unveiling of a new concession stand at a North End park means more than an updated building to sell snacks.

Mayor Jim Gray and Councilman James Brown participated in the opening Monday of the new concrete structure at Martin Luther King Park. 


Lexington leaders are preparing to adopt a five-year plan for waste management. 

As they consider the proposal that includes details on future garbage and recycling goals, one council member would like to re-examine a “pay-as-you-toss” program.

Lexington Cable Subscribers Air Complaints

Aug 25, 2017
Stu Johnson

For about an hour and a half Thursday evening, a roomful of Lexington cable subscribers aired their complaints to representatives of Charter Communications, the provider of Spectrum services. 

Many of the concerns raised at Lexington’s performance evaluation centered on customer service.

Stu Johnson

Twice a month, Lexington area citizens who have lost sons, brothers or other family members to drug overdoses gather together.

While lacking in formality, their gatherings always provide a family atmosphere for those experiencing Life After Loss.

Lexington to Evaluate Performance of Spectrum Cable

Aug 24, 2017

Lexington's Council is hosting what they're calling a "cable provider performance evaluation" Thursday evening.   

During the meeting at the Lexington Senior Center, a representative of Spectrum is likely to hear comments from a large number of cable subscribers.