Kentucky General Assembly


Mon March 23, 2015
State Capitol

Final Push to Get Heroin Legislation Through Both Houses of Ky Legislature

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Kentucky lawmakers have yet to reach agreement on what many consider to be this session's priority issue.  Legislators are working until the final hours of the 2015 session trying to reach consensus on a bill aimed at reducing the state's heroin problem.  

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Sun January 25, 2015
State Capitol

Transportation Advocacy Group Supports Freezing Gas Tax


When they return to work next week, Kentucky lawmakers are expected to consider ways to stem a drop in state gas tax monies.  Significant declines in the price per gallon at the pump have led to a loss of revenue to maintain and build roads. 

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Mon January 12, 2015
Focus on Business

Focus On Business: Carla Blanton on the 2015 General Assembly

Education, economic development, and tax policy are among the focus issues of Commerce Lexington’s 2015 local, state and national Public Policy Agenda.  Tom Martin’s conversation with the Chamber’s public policy committee chair Carla Blanton deals with matters before the 2015 session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

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Sun November 9, 2014
State Capitol

Dating Violence Bill Undergoes Rewrite


Attempts to win approval of dating violence legislation in the Kentucky General Assembly could be bolstered by a new strategy.  Kentucky Domestic Violence Association Director Sherry Currens says lawmakers will be asked to consider creating a new section in Kentucky Revised Statutes for domestic partner dating violence. Currens says the domestic partner statutes pertaining to dating violence have been aired in the state capital numerous times.  "And it's calling it an IPO, so it's an interpersonal protective order and it will be in chapter 456.

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Sat February 8, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Ky. Legislature Mid-Point Update on Eastern Standard

As the 2014 session of the Kentucky General Assembly approaches the mid-point, what has the state's legislative branch achieved so far this year?  What is likely to be accomplished by the end of this 60-day session?  These are questions we will pursue in this week's show, originating "live" from the State Capitol in Frankfort.

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