Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Legislation to provide free tuition for up to six semesters at Kentucky’s community and technical schools easily emerged from the House Budget Committee Tuesday. Funds would be available after students exhausted all other federal and state assistance.  The Work Ready Scholarship Program is for students just out of high school.  Kentucky Community and Technical College System President Jay Box told committee members the initiative should be of help to employers sooner.

Democrats in the Kentucky House are backing a new proposed program to ensure free tuition for up to six semesters at the state’s community and technical colleges.  The Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program was formally unveiled Wednesday in the House chamber.  Budget Committee Chair Rick Rand says the legislation would assist entering freshmen.  “Right now we’re not going to do non-traditional students,” Rand explained. “You would have to be right out of high school.  It would be the last dollar in, so if you qualified for a pell grant, KEES scholarship, any other local scholarships you

As a child growing up in Georgia, notions of someday becoming an engineer never occurred to Dianne Leveridge.  But the girl who didn’t think she was good at math went on to earn first a master’s degree, and then a PhD in civil engineering and is now guiding other smart young women to act on their true professional talents and ambitions. Dr. Leveridge is now Director of Technical Programs for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.  She shared her journey with Tom Martin.