James Comer


Sat August 2, 2014
The Commonwealth

Comer Announces Bid for Governor

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer announced his bid for the Governor's seat Saturday during the annual Fancy Farm political picnic
Credit File photo

FANCY FARM, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer has announced his candidacy for governor in 2015.

The former state lawmaker used the stage at Kentucky's premier political event to say he wants to lead the state after running the Agriculture Department. His announcement came Saturday at the Fancy Farm picnic in western Kentucky. 

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Mon May 19, 2014
Business and the Economy

Following Judge's Ruling, Farmers to Plant Hemp

Credit thejointblog.com

Some Kentucky military veteran farmers say they will plant a crop of hemp seeds this week following a federal court hearing.

The Kentucky Agriculture Department had sued the Drug Enforcement Agency over the agency's seizure of hemp seeds imported for research. A judge ruled that the seeds can be released with the proper permits.

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Wed May 14, 2014
All Politics are Local

Comer Files Federal Lawsuit Over Impounded Hemp Seeds

Credit kentucky.com

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has filed suit against the federal government over its seizure of 250 pounds of imported hemp seeds that arrived in Louisville from Italy last week. 

The DEA says the agriculture department could apply for a special permit to get the seeds, but  Holly Harris, a spokeswoman for Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, says the permit would put serious restrictions on the state’s pilot hemp programs, which would research and cultivate the crop for industrial use.

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