Thu October 2, 2014

UK Patterson School Professor Talks ISIS with Rotarians

UK Patterson School of Diplomacy Professor Stacy Closson
Credit Stu Johnson / Weku News

An international scholar at the University of Kentucky worries about increasing U.S. involvement in the fight against terrorism in the Middle East.  Stacy Closson spoke on the subject Thursday to Lexington Rotarians. 

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Mon August 11, 2014
Listener Feedback

Feedback: ISIS Coverage refers to Christians as "Minorities," Response to Pastors on Gay Marriage

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Doug emailed us, looking for the online version of an NPR story, which we were able to locate for him.  He went on to say, “I certainly enjoy and support your station due to all the diversity that you have throughout the day. I travel a lot in my job and I keep you tuned in. Coming to work and going home WEKU keeps me updated as to what is happened over night and throughout the day.”

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Sun June 22, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Why WE Should Care About ISIS in Iraq

Dr. Michael Cairo is Associate Professor of Political Science; Program Director, International Affairs at Transylvania University in Lexington

As the jihadist militant group known as The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant wreaks terror on Iraq, we in the U.S. are asking, "Why should we care about ISIS?" On this week's show, we'll hear some answers from Transylvania University Associate Professor of Political Science, Michael Cairo, PhD.

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