Brian Burkhart


Texas was hit by Harvey.

Florida has Irma.

Could Jose be next and what about after that?

Better still, what does all this extreme weather mean? It it related to global climate change?

A group of 20 Lexington firefighters will spend the next eight to ten days in Texas, assisting with hurricane and flood relief efforts. 

The crew, along with two boats, other land vehicles, and a support trailer will be staging in the city of College Station. 

Volunteers from Kentucky are among those assisting with disaster relief in Houston. 

Officials with the Bluegrass Chapter of the American Red Cross say the number heading to the Texas coast is likely to increase sharply in the days ahead.

Special storm coverage will continue until 4pm

Oct 30, 2012

WEKU will carry a call-in special program from NPR News on the evolving issues as the superstorm Sandy makes its way inland, leaving behind massive flooding in New York city and in widespread areas along the Eastern Seaboard. This coverage will now air until 4:00 pm, followed by complete and in-depth reporting during NPR's All Things Considered.

NPR's Neal Conan will host the broadcast.