Sat October 4, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Lexington's Heroin Explosion on Eastern Standard

Van Ingram, Executive Director for the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, and Josh Nadzam, writer for under-main.com, join Host John Hingsbergen in-studio to discuss the renewed prevalence of heroin addiction in the Commonwealth.

From 2002 through 2006, there were no reported deaths from Heroin overdose in Lexington. Compare that to 44 such fatalities in 2013 and there’s apparently a problem. On this week’s Eastern Standard, we’ll meet the the researcher and creator of a multi-media report on the Explosion of Heroin Addiction in Lexington. 

Guests for this week's show: Josh Nadzam - Researcher and writer for UnderMain (under-main.com); 

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Thu July 31, 2014
Health and Welfare

Overdose Numbers Frustrate State Drug Czar

Credit medicalxpress.com

A new report out Thursday says drug overdose deaths remained virtually the same in Kentucky over the last couple of years. 

A study by the Office of Drug Control Policy shows 1,007 people died in Kentucky from drug overdose in 2013, compared to 1,004 people in 2012.

Van Ingram, Director of the Office of Drug Control Policy, calls the report “frustrating.”

"While we've made some in-roads in prescription drug deaths, increases in heroin deaths kind of evened us out and plateaued and deaths remained largely the same," said Ingram.

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Mon July 14, 2014

Lexington's Illegal Drug Habit Estimated at $1.5 - $2 Million per Week

Credit kentucky.com


Lexington Police Lieutenant Scott Blakely says the central Kentucky community is home to a one and a half to two million dollar weekly drug habit.   While heroin-related overdose deaths are on a decline, the narcotics officer says crack cocaine use is on an uptick.  Blakely says cocaine and heroin sales take place all over Lexington.  "It is available from downtown to Heartland, from downtown to Beaumont.  With heroin, it was everywhere.  It's not just centered to downtown and neither is the cocaine and it never has been in Lexington," said Blakely.

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