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Sun January 25, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Raising Kentucky's Minimum Wage on Eastern Standard

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Last month, the city of Louisville voted to raise the minimum wage to 9 dollars an hour, a move that will be complete by 2017.  As part of the 2015 Kentucky General Assembly, a bill is on the table that could see a similar increase state-wide.   

On this week's Eastern Standard we'll talk the Minimum Wage in Kentucky.

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Fri January 24, 2014
State Capitol

Assessing Pace of 2014 General Assembly


The Kentucky general assembly is about a third of the way through the 2014 session.  As is the case in most Kentucky legislative sessions, a great deal of the voting comes in the later weeks and days.  For instance, no votes occurred in either house Friday morning and both the House and Senate were in session for less than an hour.

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Wed January 22, 2014
The Commonwealth

Beshear's Budget Includes "Harsh" Cuts to Free Funds for Education

Gov. Beshear delivered his budget address before a joint session of the General Assembly at the State Capitol Tuesday
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Governor Steve Beshear says ‘harsh’ budget cuts to some state agencies are needed to move the Commonwealth forward in the areas of education and economic development.  The governor outlined his budget strategy last night during a joint session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

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