Estill County Landfill

Low level radioactive waste would remain buried in the Estill County landfill under a corrective action plan given preliminary approval by officials with the State Energy and Environment Cabinet.  The plan was submitted by the landfill operator.  

Judge Orders Landfill Protection in Estill County

Aug 30, 2017

A special circuit judge ruled Wednesday that three acres of an Estill County landfill will be protected from any further dumping of waste until core testing is done.  

Judge Jean Logue’s order comes in connection with efforts to address suspected low-level radioactive waste buried in the landfill.

NOTE: Updated to include responses from the Energy and Environment Cabinet and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services as well as one from the state's Attorney General's office.

An Estill County citizens group is taking legal action against three state entities.  The organization wants more information on the state’s response to the illegal dumping of low-level radioactive waste in the county landfill.

Stu Johnson

Removing radioactive materials illegally dumped in the Estill County Landfill is the best option, but state health officials told a crowd Monday that it will be a challenge.

  Tony Hatton, deputy commissioner of the Environmental Protection Cabinet, said the preferred option is to remove the material, but added it would likely be an extensive process involving large volumes of waste. 

During a 90-minute public forum at Estill County High School, state public health and environmental officials assured over 100 in the audience that the threat to public is health is low.

Stu Johnson

State officials Monday night sought to allay fears about health risks associated with the illegal dumping of radioactive waste at an Estill County landfill.  Their presentation included a description of just-announced penalties for responsible companies.

Well over a hundred people gathered in the Estill County High School auditorium not far from the landfill where fracking waste now resides buried under cover.

A leader of a Central Kentucky citizens group says there remain outstanding issues regarding the illegal dumping of low-level radioactive fracking waste at the Estill County landfill.  

A proposed agreement announced Friday by state Energy and Environment Cabinet includes a $95,000 civil penalty for Advance Disposal Services Blue Ridge Landfill.  About two-thirds of that money would go for Radon monitoring and abatement at Estill County schools and at the landfill gate.

It could be months or years before a final resolution is reached regarding the dumping of radioactive waste in a central Kentucky landfill.  A county leader is interested in preventing any future similar incidents.

The case of the 2000 tons of low level radioactive waste in the Estill County landfill is being debated in the courts and the topic of state and landfill owner negotiations. 

Advocacy Group Wants Role in Landfill Cleanup Negotiations

Aug 22, 2016


A citizens group wants representation at the table as the state of Kentucky negotiates the clean-up of radioactive waste at a Central Kentucky landfill. The best a state official is offering is to hear citizen comments.

Representatives with the Energy and Environmental Cabinet are talking with Advanced Disposal Services.  It’s the owner of the Estill County landfill where 2,000 tons of radioactive waste was illegally dumped. 

Estill County Residents to Rally on Radioactive Waste Concerns

Jul 15, 2016

The state attorney general’s office has determined there is insufficient evidence to seek criminal charges in the disposal of radioactive waste in an Estill County landfill.

Still, a number of residents plan to rally this weekend.  Tom Bonny is with the newly created Concerned Citizens of Estill County.  “We’re just very concerned that this landfill could become a dumping ground for any and everything and would cause a risk to the citizens who live around it on all sides of it,” said Bonny.