Mon November 10, 2014
Listener Feedback

Feedback: How About Madison Co. Election Returns?

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Listener Patrick, of Richmond, emailed us, “Great job on the election results synopsis on your 6 a.m. newscast this morning. Such a shame you didn’t bother to share the results from the city your station calls home."

Patrick continues, "Sure, it’s interesting to know that the incumbent Mayor of Lexington won re-election, but how hard would it have been to tell your loyal local listeners how the Richmond Mayoral race went? You went on and on about all the Lexington results, but didn’t mention one Richmond or Madison County result.

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Fri October 3, 2014
All Politics are Local

Lexington FOP Backs Former Police Chief in Run for Mayor

Lexington FOP President Jason Rothermund and Mayoral Candidate Anthany Beatty
Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Lexington's Fraternal Order of Police is endorsing former police chief Anthany Beatty for mayor.  FOP President Jason Rothermund made the formal announcement Friday.  Rothermund says the decision is based on more than Beatty's public safety career. He says Beatty's leadership style and integrity are strong attributes.  "I don't expect any favors.  I don't think the Division of Police personnel expect any favors if Anthany Beatty were to be mayor.  The thing that I can say about him is he's fair," said Rothermund.

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Mon May 19, 2014
The Commonwealth

Ky AG Encourages Voters to Report Fraud

Credit ag.ky.gov

Federal and State law enforcement agencies are looking to the general public to report improper electioneering and voter fraud on Tuesday.  The state attorney general's office is taking calls at one-800-328-vote.  

Attorney General Jack Conway admits the anticipated low voter participation in this primary increases the chances of fraud,  "In a low turnout with a lot of local elections, that's where you tend to see a lot of the corruption problems."  "That's where those of us in law enforcement who are monitoring elections need to be the most vigilant," said Conway.

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Mon September 3, 2012
All Politics are Local

2012 Election to be discussed on Kentucky Tonight

Kentucky Tonight airs Tuesdays at 11:00 am on the WEKU Stations

On this week's edition of Kentucky Tonight, host Bill Goodman and guests will discuss the 2012 election.  The program, which airs "live" on KET Monday night, will be re-broadcast on WEKU Tuesday morning at 11:00.

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Sun August 5, 2012
All Politics are Local

KET Special provides Fancy Farm highlights

A special program from Kentucky's premier political speech-making event kicks off Kentucky Educational Television's coverage of the fall 2012 election. 

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Mon July 30, 2012
All Politics are Local

Young Partisans Discuss 2012 Elections on KY Tonight

On this week’s edition of Kentucky Tonight, host Bill Goodman and guests will discuss the 2012 state and national elections.  The program which airs "live" on KET Monday evening at 8 pm is re-broadcast on WEKU Tuesday mornings at 11 am.

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Mon May 28, 2012
All Politics are Local

2012 Election is topic of Kentucky Tonight

On this week's edition of Kentucky Tonight, host Bill Goodman and guests will discuss the 2012 election.  The program that aired Monday night on Kentucky Educational Television, will be re-broadcast at 11:00 am Tuesday on the WEKU stations.

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Sat April 21, 2012
All Politics are Local

1st/3rd District Democratic Candidates on Kentucky Tonight

On this week's  edition of Kentucky Tonight, host Bill Goodman will talk with candidates in the 1st and 3rd Congressional District Democratic primaries.  The program which airs "live" on Kentucky Educational Television Monday evening, will be re-broadcast on the WEKU stations Tuesday at 11:00 am.

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Fri January 20, 2012
All Politics are Local

South Carolina Primary Coverage

NPR's "live" coverage of South Carolina Primary results will be available online and on the air Saturday night.

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Wed May 18, 2011
All Politics are Local

David Williams Wins GOP Primary

Two of the most politically powerful men in Frankfort begin their battle for the governor’s mansion today.   Last night’s primary election results made it official. It was a given incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear would campaign to maintain his position as governor.  Beshearr had no primary opposition.  But, the other piece of the political puzzle...his Republican opponent... fell into place last night.

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Tue May 17, 2011
All Politics are Local

Polls Open, Record Low Turnout Expected

Kentucky elections officials are predicting the second-lowest voter turnout for a primary in more than 10 years. Secretary of State Elaine Walker predicts 10% of voters will go to the polls today.

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Wed May 11, 2011
Politics in the Commonwealth

Primary Do's and Don'ts

For the few citizens who are projected to participate in the May 17 primary election, Secretary of State Elaine Walker has released a “Do’s and Don’ts” list for Kentucky voters. “We want to make sure that people are informed about the upcoming election and their rights as voters,” says Walker.  “We hope more people participate in the upcoming election than we expect; and are trying to raise awareness about the primary election in every way possible.  This election is critically important and I encourage everyone to get out and vote.”

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Wed May 11, 2011
Statehouse News

State Predicts 10% Voter Turnout

Secretary of State Elaine Walker is predicting low voter turnout for Tuesday’s primary election in Kentucky, even though voter registration numbers are up.  A record 2.9 million Kentuckians are now registered to vote. That’s 11,000 more than in the 2008 General Election, the previous record. But getting voters excited about Tuesday’s primary appears to be a tough sale, says Secretary of State Elaine Walker. She’s predicting voter turnout of around nine to ten percent.

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