EKU Regents Discuss Funding Cuts in Special Session

16 hours ago

Eastern Kentucky University’s Board of Regents met in special session Wednesday to consider, among other items, state funding cuts to education.  

Following a lengthy closed-door “executive session,” Board Chair Craig Turner announced the formation of two committees to evaluate the school’s academic programs in light of the reduced funding.  An Academic Budget-Review Committee is working in conjunction with a Student/Staff committee.

Michael Benson, PhD

  It’s been a busy academic on the  campuses of Eastern Kentucky University. One major issue this winter and spring has been the adjustment of university finances to compensate for state budget cuts. 

On this week’s show, we’ll discuss university finances and other issues as we welcome EKU President Michael Benson.

We’ll talk about what’s been going on and his views of the future for the school serving Central and Eastern Kentucky and beyond.

Reaction to Governor Bevin's Higher Ed Funding Cut

Apr 1, 2016

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s executive order cutting all state universities’ funding by four point five percent in the current fiscal year is drawing reaction from the higher education community.  That includes officials at Eastern Kentucky University.

McConnell: Military Coalition Needed to Address Terrorism

Mar 23, 2016
Stu Johnson / WEKU News


The U.S. Senate Majority Leader believes a military coalition that includes American, European, and Middle Eastern countries could work to reduce terrorism.  Mitch McConnell addressed the Richmond Chamber of Commerce Wednesday at Eastern Kentucky University.

Sen. Rand Paul Holds Town Hall Meeting at EKU

Mar 11, 2016
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul says he’s not endorsing any of the presidential candidates on any of their positions.  Paul, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race just over a month ago, held a town hall meeting at Eastern Kentucky University Friday. 

“No, I’m going to stay out of it,” he said.  “I’ve sort of said my piece.  I was very clear on what I thought were strong suits, weak suits of all of them.  But I think in the end, the republican nominee will be a lot better than the democratic nominee.”

Noah Day

Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson joins us on this week’s Eastern Standard. http://president.eku.edu/ or feel free to follow him on Twitter @EKUPrez

Other guests include:

Brian Makinen, EKU's Director of Public Safety and Risk. http://ehsrmi.eku.edu/people/makinen-0


More than 43 percent of teens report being bullied online. That’s according to a recent study commissioned by the National Crime Prevention Council. Bullying, online and in-person, has been cited as a cause of teens becoming depressed and physically ill and missing school, even considering suicide.

On this week’s EST, bullying as a Commonwealth problem. We'll spoke with our guests about the harmful effects of bullying, and what's being done to solve this problem.

Guests this week include:

EKU to Begin Ticketing for Tobacco Related Violations

Aug 23, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Beginning next month, anyone caught smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco on Eastern Kentucky University campuses could be ticketed.  EKU officials are cracking down on offenders after declaring all campuses tobacco free more than a year ago.

Stu Johnson / WEKU News

A van outfitted with computer stations is travelling all over the state to spread the word about saving for college.  The 'College Info Road Show' bus made a stop on Eastern Kentucky University's campus last week.

Stu Johnson / WEKU News


Children and adults alike will be schooled this weekend in Lexington on a variety of safety issues.  Officials with the inaugural Summer Safety Fair aim to provide positive interaction between police and children.

Gamers Demonstrate Their Talents at EKU Exhibition

May 13, 2015


The time required to develop a video game can vary widely from days to months to even years.  Eastern Kentucky University Wednesday played host to a regional video game exhibition.

Q&A with EKU Public Safety Official on Gun Threat

Feb 6, 2015

On Monday evening, officials at Eastern Kentucky University were made aware of a threatening graffiti message found on the bathroom wall in a campus dorm. 

On our next Eastern Standard, Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson. We’ll discuss Dr. Benson’s goals and achievements since coming to Eastern in 2013 and look forward to your questions and comments.

Send your questions or comments in advance to wekueasternstandard@gmail dot com or leave a voice message at 859-622-1657.

Or call in when you tune in for the “live” show Thursday morning at 11:00 on 88-9 WEKU.

Eastern Kentucky University issued an alert Sunday night following a report of a person with a gun on the Richmond campus. After sending an initial notice to students, faculty and staff at 9:24 pm, university officials issued a "Secure In Place - Hide Out" alert at 9:35 pm.  This alert was issued following a report of an attempted robbery outside the university's Clay Hall.

WEKU is following the story and will have more information when it is available. Follow this link to information posted on the EKU website. 

EKU Officially Launches On Campus Emergency Food Pantry

Nov 17, 2014
Eastern Kentucky University


Eastern Kentucky University is establishing an on campus emergency food pantry.  Items for the Colonel's Cupboard will come from student and staff donations.  EKU Assistant Director of Student Life-Services, Will Keaton says 21 percent of students surveyed said they've faced food insecurity issues over the past year.  "The purpose of the cupboard is to provide short term food assistance boxes, while connecting our students to resources that help deal with the long term causes of why they may be facing food insecurity," said Keaton.

Eastern Kentucky University Presidential Inauguration This Week

Oct 19, 2014

Eastern Kentucky University formally recognizes its 12th president this week. The Richmond school will hold an inaugural ceremony Friday afternoon for Dr. Michael Benson. 

The Utah native, who began his tenure at the Richmond school in 2013, says the event recognizes more than any individual.  "I've tried my best to tell folks planning it, that this is not about me.  This institution is bigger than me or any of us.  I mean it's been around for a long time.  It's gonna be around far beyond our tenure," said Benson.

EKU to Launch New Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

Sep 22, 2014

Eastern Kentucky University is gearing up to offer a new doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  The Richmond school received Council on Postsecondary approval last week.  EKU Director of Clinical Training Dustin Wygant says a main emphasis will be on preparing psychology practitioners to work in rural areas.  "And that's gonna be quite clear in our materials and the kind of students we're trying to attract for this program are gonna be interested, not just paying lip service, but really interested in training and remaining in these underserved areas," said Wygant.

EKU Fall Enrollment Up Almost Two Percent

Sep 2, 2014

Preliminary figures from Eastern Kentucky University show a two percent increase in overall student enrollment.  As of August 26th, 16 thousand, 454 students were signed up for the 20-14 fall semester. 

E-K-U is seeing an eleven percent increase in registered African-American students. The number of Hispanic/Latino students attending E-K-U is up 19 percent, compared to the same time last fall. 

On-line credit hours are up 15-point-6 percent with almost 15 hundred students taking on-line classes. 

EKU and KCTCS Partner on New Transfer Program

Aug 24, 2014

Eastern Kentucky University and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System are joining forces on a new statewide college credit transfer program. 

Expansion and Improvements Planned for EKU Athletic Facilities

Aug 24, 2014
Stu Johnson / Weku News

Eastern Kentucky University Athletics is seeing a great deal of change around the Richmond campus.  Dan McBride is the newly named Senior Associate Athletics Director.  McBride says one of his primary duties is to oversee facility improvements.  "A big portion of my responsibilities now is gonna be dealing with the expansion at the baseball stadium, the expansion at the softball field, expansion at the football stadium.  I oversaw the installation of the new lights and the new floor in the coliseum.  The new lights at baseball and softball fields this year," said McBride.

Enrollment Up and Down at Eastern Kentucky University

Aug 17, 2014

    Monday is the first day of the fall semester at Eastern Kentucky University.  Sharon Lott is beginning her tenure in EKU's American Sign Language and Interpreter Education program.  She comes to the Richmond school after teaching 20 years in North Carolina. 

State's Top Social Worker Addresses Undergrads

Aug 8, 2014


Social work students from eleven Kentucky universities got a pep talk Friday from the head of the state's child welfare system.

The future social workers were in attendance at the Public Child Welfare Program Conference at Eastern Kentucky University. 

EKU Prepares to Launch Video Gaming Institute

Jul 29, 2014


Eastern Kentucky University is joining a number of other post-secondary schools to further video game development education. 

EKU is a member of the Higher Education Video Games Alliance. 

Bees Buzzing on EKU Campus

Jul 28, 2014
Stu Johnson / Weku News


There's a buzz of activity this week at Eastern Kentucky University.

Hundreds of beekeepers from several states and outside the U.S. are in Richmond participating in the Eastern Apicultural Society meeting. 

Stu Johnson / WEKU News

A group of Eastern Kentucky University students is offering several ideas to spur activity in downtown Richmond.  A forum was staged Tuesday night in Eastern’s student center.

  It was promoted as an EKU student conversation with Richmond Mayor Jim Barnes.  Organizers say it was the first time a sitting mayor participated in a program to solicit thoughts from Eastern students. 

Michael Benson, PhD

EKU President Dr. Michael Benson will be with us to give us an update on some of the projects and initiatives he has launched since his arrival last summer and to answer your questions.

Send a question in advance to wekueasternstandard at gmail dot com or call 859-622-1655 or call in “live” during the show.

Friday June 28 is the day when numerous employees of Eastern Kentucky University are beginning retirement as part of a cost-saving plan.  Among them are two familiar voices of WEKU: Development Coordinator Carol Siler, whom you have heard many times during station fund drives and other events; and Michael Carter, Music Director and classical music host.

Max Whittaker - silkroadproject.org

Yo-Yo Ma performed for two American presidents before the age of ten and is perhaps one of the best-known living classical musicians. 


November 9th and 10th, the EKU Center for the Arts hosts Blue Man Group. The act started in the late 80s and has been going strong worldwide ever since. While the 3-man acrobatic drumming troupe doesn't utter a word on stage, one of the performers, Chris Smith, talks here with Roger Duvall.

Kentucky public colleges and universities are already compiling their capital project wish lists.   They're getting ready for next year's legislative session.  A $33 million Engineering-Physics building tops the projects list at Murray State University, but President Randy Dunn says the school also badly needs a new $62 million library.