University of Louisville President James Ramsey will step down, according to Gov. Matt Bevin.

The governor made the announcement during a news conference Friday morning. He also said he would reorganize U of L’s board of trustees.

“The intent is to give a fresh start, to improve the economies, the efficiencies and the administrative abilities of this board to govern the University of Louisville, because its health and its vibrancy is a critical part of the commonwealth,” Bevin said.

Private College Association Head Calls St. Catharine Unique Case

Jun 9, 2016

The announced closing of Springfield’s St. Catharine College last week may have Kentuckians wondering about other private postsecondary schools.  St Catharine officials say a long standing disagreement with federal officials over student financial aid was a major factor in the decision to close its doors this summer. 

Ky. Officials Continue Work on Education Accountability

Jun 7, 2016

Kentucky Department of Education officials continue to seek public comment on developing a new school accountability system.  A 12th opportunity, in the form of a virtual town hall meeting, is scheduled for tonight. 

EKU Regents Discuss Funding Cuts in Special Session

May 25, 2016

Eastern Kentucky University’s Board of Regents met in special session Wednesday to consider, among other items, state funding cuts to education.  

Following a lengthy closed-door “executive session,” Board Chair Craig Turner announced the formation of two committees to evaluate the school’s academic programs in light of the reduced funding.  An Academic Budget-Review Committee is working in conjunction with a Student/Staff committee.

Judge Rules Bevin Can Cut College, University Budgets

May 18, 2016

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky judge has ruled Republican Gov. Matt Bevin can cut the budgets of public colleges and universities without the approval of the state legislature. 

Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate says two state laws allow Bevin to reduce allotments for public colleges and universities. Wingate ruled while the governor's powers are usually confined to the state constitution, the legislature can give the governor additional powers by passing laws. He said Bevin's cuts of nearly $18 million to colleges and universities this year are not improper.

Higher Ed Court Case Receives Second Hearing

May 4, 2016
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

There was more testimony in Frankfort Wednesday regarding the state attorney general’s lawsuit against the governor.  Attorney General Andy Beshear argued Governor Matt Bevin didn’t have the authority to order funding reductions to the state’s universities earlier this spring.

The governor’s attorney Steve Pitt told Judge Thomas Wingate the chief executive does have the ability to decide how to administer funds.  Afterward both men felt good about a positive ruling. 

EKU Faculty Task Force to Tackle Funding Cuts

May 2, 2016

Eastern Kentucky University’s effort to deal with state funding reductions includes formation of a “Faculty Efficiency Task Force.”  The issue was discussed during last week’s university Board of Regents meeting. 

Following the April 27 meeting, Faculty Senate Chair Shirley O’Brien wasn’t sure what formation of the task force would involve, saying,  “This has been the first that we’ve discussed it today and I’m waiting to further look for faculty representation and better understand where are efficiency needs are.”

EKU Board Grants Contract Extension for Benson

Apr 29, 2016

Eastern Kentucky University’s Board of Regents is extending President Michael Benson’s contract by two years.  The school’s governing board approved the extension Wednesday.

EKU Board of Regents Acts on Budget Reductions

Apr 28, 2016

    Eastern Kentucky University officials are implementing short and long-term strategies to help cope with state funding reductions.  It was a day-long task for the school’s governing board.

The EKU Board of Regents backed reducing the tuition waiver benefit and modifying the school’s cell phone policy for employees plus shortening the vacation accrual time benefit for workers who leave the university. 

UK President Thanks Governor for Funding Restoration

Apr 21, 2016

The University of Kentucky’s President is expressing thanks to Governor Bevin for reducing funding cuts in the current fiscal year.  The governor released some $23 million to public universities Wednesday.  


President Eli Capilouto expressed his appreciation while attending a regional energy forum on the UK campus,  “It’s reminds me that our Center for Applied Energy Research is a state-funded entity.”  Capilouto said the center brings in millions of dollars and creates jobs on the Lexington campus and across the Commonwealth.


Seven Million Dollar Gift Leads to ‘Named Department’ at UK

Apr 18, 2016

The University of Kentucky’s Department of Biomedical Engineering carries a new name, thanks to a $7 million dollar gift.  The department is named in recognition of UK alumnus Joseph Halcomb.  The gift, announced Monday will add one endowed chair and two endowed fellowships along with fully funded graduate fellowships.  College of Engineering Dean John Walz says this influx of money taps into one of the hottest engineering growth areas.  “Huge advances in fields like medical imaging, drug delivery, prosthesis devices.  And so, it really is at the interface between other engineering discipl

Prichard Committee Officials Assess State Budget Agreement

Apr 15, 2016


The head of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence would like to see more flexibility in early childhood education spending.  The budget agreement reached in Frankfort maintains education funding for preschool through 12th grade.

Midway University to Offer MBA in Bourbon Tourism

Apr 13, 2016


Midway University will begin offering Master of Business Administration courses this fall with a focus on the bourbon industry.  Midway officials believe it’s a unique MBA program.

New EKU Student Group to Hear from Violence Survivors

Apr 4, 2016

A new student-based organization at Eastern Kentucky University is looking to hear from survivors of violence. Organizers of Students Against Violence at EKU, or SAVE, are staging their first meeting Tuesday night. Sierrah Anderson, EKU sponsor for the student group, says it’s about increasing awareness and involving students in changing the campus climate.

    Eastern Kentucky University is moving forward with capital construction projects on its Richmond campus.  The school’s president says the governor’s proposed funding cuts will not sway EKU’s revitalization strategies.

Stu Johnson / WEKU News


The President’s Day Holiday offers an opportunity to learn a lesson or two outside the school building.  That was the case Monday in downtown Lexington.

The Mary Todd Lincoln House, the childhood home of the 16th president’s wife, was bustling with children ages 5 to 10 moving from room to room.  Gwen Thompson is the house director.  “So it’s a great day when we put the focus on the kids and we don’t even have to worry about the adults who want to know more higher level adultee things,” said Thompson.

Legislation to revamp how academic standards are set in public elementary, middle, and high schools is headed to the Kentucky Senate. The measure is one of this year’s top priorities for senate republicans.

Berea College students, faculty, and administrators rallied Monday to show support for the college community following harassment aimed at international students, the LGBT community, and students of color.

UK’s Largest Single Gift Will Establish Honors College

Oct 22, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News


The University of Kentucky has received the single largest gift in school history. The $23 million gift will be used to create an honors college at UK.   

The historic gift comes from UK alumnus and longtime donor Tom Lewis and his wife Jan.  Lewis, a successful home builder in Arizona, said the honors college will pay tribute to his family, who has a long history in eastern Kentucky.  He says one new aspect of the college will be the addition of full time, non-academic career counselors. 

Benson: School Mission Won’t Be Deterred By Security Threat

Oct 19, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson Monday told the university's Board of Regents that challenging times make the campus community stronger.  Benson was referring to a security threat found in a campus restroom two weeks ago that prompted officials to close the school for two days.  “All you can do is make sure you’ve got the protocols and kind of the necessary infrastructure in place," said Benson.  "You can never define the future and say this is gonna happen again.  We certainly hope it doesn’t."

Eastern Kentucky University officials are exploring ways to enhance security following a second security threat this year.   The investigation continues into a threatening graffiti message found in a campus restroom.  Public Safety Director Brian Makinen  says a third party vendor will be asked to make suggestions.  “It’s very likely that it’s going to lead to the addition of security cameras or other security measures,” said Makinen.

EKU Students Back in Class After Security Threat

Oct 14, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Eastern Kentucky University students were back on campus Wednesday following a longer than expected fall break.  Classes were called off for two days last week in the wake of a security threat in the form of an ominous message found inside a bathroom on campus.  Senior Sofia Guadagni of Versailes says canceling classes was best because attendance would have probably been low.  "But, I wasn’t gonna stop my life for what they did," she said. "I kept on going, living the way I needed to. I went to work and did my homework and studied, stayed in the dorm, all that stuff."

Transylvania University 26th President Formally Installed

Oct 9, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Seamus Carey has been officially installed as the 26th president at Transylvania University.  Carey, who came to the Lexington liberal arts school from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, has been on the job for more than a year.  

Stu Johnson / WEKU News


There’s a great deal to be proud of in the just released student testing results for Fayette County public schools.  

Beshear Optimistic About Funding for Higher Ed

Sep 29, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Governor Steve Beshear on Monday offered a positive financial review to members of Kentucky’s higher education community.  Beshear admitted he’s a bit envious of Kentucky’s next governor.

That envy comes as Governor Beshear predicts a bright revenue future.  He addressed participants at the Conference on Postsecondary Education Trusteeship.  “It will be a matter of priorities," Beshear said. "It will be a matter of balancing.  But, I’m hoping that the next governor has higher education as one of those priorities.” 

Berea College's Farm Ranks 17th Nationally

Sep 23, 2015

Berea College is being recognized nationally for its campus farm.  The 500 acre farm placed 17th out of the nation’s top 40 postsecondary farms.

The rankings come from ‘College Ranker,’ an organization that researches schools all across the country.  Berea College’s farm listing is based on a number of factors including hands on experience, community outreach, and degree options. 

Record Enrollment Paves Way for EKU Pay Hike

Sep 21, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News


A recently announced pay raise for Eastern Kentucky University employees could catch the eye of prospective workers.  EKU faculty and staff will see an increase in their paychecks later this fall.

EKU Expecting Record High Enrollment

Sep 18, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News


Eastern Kentucky University appears headed for an overall historic enrollment level.  The school's overall student population is closing in on 17,000. 

The school's Enrollment Management Director Brett Morris says 85 percent of students at Eastern are from Kentucky.  He says there’s an ongoing effort to attract more out-of-state and international students.  “If a student from Kentucky comes to EKU, and they go home and the only people they’ve met while they’ve been here are people just like themselves, then we haven’t helped them grow,” said Morris.

Kentucky’s Universities Discuss Campus Safety

Sep 3, 2015

Eight public universities and six private schools are collaborating on ways to increase safety on all their campuses.  The University of Kentucky hosted the Assessing Campus Climate Conference Thursday. Northern Kentucky University Associate Dean of Students, Ann James says, sexual assault is an issue at every school.  “We’re concerned,” said James. “I mean we’re no different than any other campus. NKU has as much a problem as anybody else does.  And now we’re gonna actually be able to get our minds around what is our actual population that has been impacted.”


Officials with the state board of education are spending extra funds to conduct extensive background checks on the finalists for education commissioner.  The board over the weekend narrowed the field of frontrunners from five to two.  Board Chair Roger Marcum says they want to sidestep a repeat of a situation in 2007, when the newly hired commissioner resigned amid controversy.  “It makes it more difficult when those kind of things happen to find a qualified person and it causes embarrassment," said Marcum.  "We want to avoid that if we possibly can."