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Sun July 27, 2014
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The Basics of Islam on Eastern Standard

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As the annual observance of Ramadan draws to a close, on this week’s show, we’ll focus on the basics of Islam with our guest, Richard Cahill, PhD, Director of International Education and Associate Professor of History at Berea College.

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Tue July 22, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Why Should We Care About Ukraine?

From left to right: Natasha Williams, John Hingsbergen, Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh, Dr. Kenneth Slepyan.
Credit Richard Turner

The former Soviet Republic of Ukraine has been in constant turmoil this year, turmoil that has apparently led to the downing of a Malaysian Airlines jet with 298 civilians aboard.


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Sun July 13, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Exploring Kentucky's Great Outdoors on Eastern Standard

State and national parks, underground caves, forests, cliffs and campgrounds are just some of the natural features that bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Bluegrass State every year.  

On this program, we'll discuss some of these attributes of our state and hear your questions, comments and stories for guests representing some of the state's outdoor attractions.




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Mon July 7, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Our 'Love Affair' with Cars on Eastern Standard

Connie and Tom Jones, creators of the Keeneland Concours d'Elegance, join Eastern Standard host John Hingsbergen for this week's program.
Credit Richard Turner

On this week's show, we're turning to YOU for stories about out love affair with cars. Tell us about your first car, your favorite of all time (so far). How about the one that got away and that you wished you had never gotten rid of?

Listen online to the full audio of today's program.

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Sun June 29, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Covering the World's News on Eastern Standard

Andrew Sussman, Executive Producer of PRI's The World and Andrew Whitehead, Editor for the BBC World Service with WEKU's John Hingsbergen in Atlanta, GA.
Credit Jonese Franklin

Public radio listeners are “world citizens” and, to feed our hunger for news from beyond our own borders, we have excellent resources.  This special show originated in Atlanta, Ga. on September 19, 2013 during the annual conference of Public Radio Program Directors.

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Sun June 22, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Why WE Should Care About ISIS in Iraq

Dr. Michael Cairo is Associate Professor of Political Science; Program Director, International Affairs at Transylvania University in Lexington
Credit www.transy.edu

As the jihadist militant group known as The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant wreaks terror on Iraq, we in the U.S. are asking, "Why should we care about ISIS?" On this week's show, we'll hear some answers from Transylvania University Associate Professor of Political Science, Michael Cairo, PhD.

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Tue June 17, 2014
-Eastern Standard

PTSD, Veterans's Issues on Eastern Standard

Brad Jones is a former Marine captain and the author of the novel Black Walls Turn Gray
Credit Jonese Franklin

A  new novel by a Lexington-based author Brad Jones addresses issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and care for our nation’s veterans. During this PTSD Awareness Month, we’ll hear more about the novel Black Walls Turn Gray and discuss the experiences of this former Marine who served in Afghanistan.

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Thu June 12, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Cancer in the Commonwealth on Eastern Standard

Recent statistics show Kentucky is still a leader, if not THE leader, in cancer deaths among states in the U.S. On this week's show, we'll discuss this unhappy distinction as well as treatment and survival options.

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Mon June 2, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Ky Author, Murdoch's World, Host of PRI's The World on Eastern Standard

David Folkenflik, NPR Media Correspondent and author of Murdoch's World: The Last of the Old Media Empires


Wed May 28, 2014
-Eastern Standard

EKU Center's Aalberts on Eastern Standard

Executive Director of the EKU Center for the Arts, Joel Aalberts (right), and Eastern Standard host John Hingsbergen (left).
Credit Richard Turner

Listen to the full audio of this edition of Eastern Standard.

Joel Aalberts is nearing his first anniversary as Director of the Eastern Kentucky University Center for the Arts.  The 2014-15 schedule of concerts and other performances will be the first he has put together for the center which opened in 2011. 

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Tue May 20, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Memorial Day on Eastern Standard

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Memorial Day was intended as a time for honoring our nation's war dead. Today, it's best known as the unofficial start of summer. On this week's show, we'll discuss the holiday and how we can best honor those who've served and given their all.

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Mon May 12, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Primary Election Preview on Eastern Standard

Thursday mornings 11:00 am til noon

While the 2014 mid-term election is a half a year away, Kentucky voters will go to the polls this month for a primary election.  On this week's show, we'll discuss the May 20 Primary with journalists covering politics in the Commonwealth.

Among the topics we'll discuss: The competition for the Democratic nomination for the Sixth District U.S. House;  the race for the U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent and House Minority Leader Mitch McConnell; the Lexington Mayoral Race; and any other races of interest to our listeners.

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Tue May 6, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Former Morning Edition Newscaster Jean Cochran

Former NPR newscaster Jean Cochran joins  us for a show recorded before an audience of WEKU listeners. Cochran, who retired from employment with NPR after 33 years, is the special guest at May 7th reception for WEKU Day Sponsors at Lexington's Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa.

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Sun April 27, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Future of Coal in Ky. on Eastern Standard

Credit Lexington Herald-Leader

  On this week’s show, we'll discuss the downturn in Eastern Kentucky coal mining, other challenges to the mining industry and hopes to rejuvenate or replace this important element of the Commonwealth's economy.

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Wed April 23, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Affordable Housing on Eastern Standard

Credit Charles Bertram / Lexington Herald-Leader

Listen to this week's show online.

  On April 11th, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray named the city's first director of the Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention, a newly created office. This comes after the announcement earlier this year that $3 million of the city's $13 million surplus would be allotted for affordable housing and 500,000 for homeless initiatives.

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Tue April 15, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Community Gardening & Sustainable Kentucky

Credit www.noaa.org

Listen to today's show online.

  Tuesday April 22 is Earth Day.  This year marks the 45th observance of the annual celebration of our planet and its environment. On this week’s Eastern Standard, we’ll discuss community gardening and other efforts to bring about a sustainable Kentucky.

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Tue April 8, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Chemical Weapons & Bluegrass Army Depot on Eastern Standard

One of 852 "igloos" at the Bluegrass Army Depot, 45 of which are dedicated to chemical weapons.
Credit Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program

Listen to today's show online.

  Beginning in the 1940's the U.S. Army stored chemical weapons at the Bluegrass Army Depot near Richmond.  At the order of Congress and in compliance with the international Chemical Weapons Convention, the materials at the site are slated for destruction.

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Sun March 30, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Future of Hemp in Kentucky on Eastern Standard

Credit www.hemp.com

Listen to today's show online about the future of hemp in Kentucky.

 In 2013, Kentucky lawmakers passed a bill creating a regulatory framework for hemp production in the state. This year, thanks to a federal farm bill, six state universities are piloting projects using hemp.  On this week’s Eastern Standard, the future of hemp in Kentucky.

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Sat March 22, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Former NPR Newscaster Jean Cochran on Eastern Standard

Jean Cochran helped wake America by delivering the news during Morning Edition for most of her 33 years at NPR
Credit jeancochran.net

An NPR newscaster who helped wake America for 33 years joins us on our next program.  Jean Cochran retired from National Public Radio last year as part of a buy-out offered to many long-time employees at the network.

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Mon March 17, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Capital Punishment on Eastern Standard

Tune in and call in for Eastern Standard, Thursday morning at 11:00 on the WEKU Stations

Capital punishment has been used in the US since Colonial Days, for crimes as varied as murder, theft, sexual perversity or denying the existence of God.

Despite efforts to do away with the death penalty, it is still a legal punishment in 32 states.

Listen to the full audio from today's show online.

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Mon March 10, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Expanded Gambling on Eastern Standard

Tune in and call in to Eastern Standard, Thursday morning at 11:oo on the WEKU Stations

Kentucky legislators have before them no fewer than three bills that would allow the state to bring the issue of expanded gambling before voters in the Commonwealth.

On this week’s Eastern Standard, we’ll discuss how  allowing would affect jobs, education, human services, health care, veterans bonuses, local governments and public safety.

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Sun March 2, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Economic Development in Eastern Ky. on Eastern Standard

Thursday mornings at 11:00!

From the December SOAR Summit (Shaping Our Appalachian Region) to Federal Promise Zones and recent efforts to improve internet connectivity and expand the Mountain Parkway, the region is on the minds of the governor and legislators at both the state and federal levels.

On this week's Eastern Standard, Economic Development in Eastern Kentucky.

Listen to the full audio of the program online.

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Sat February 22, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: March on Frankfort Anniversary

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking in at a Civil rights demonstration in Frankfort, Ky on March 5, 1964.
Credit File Photo Lexington HERALD-LEADER

On March 5, 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, baseball legend Jackie Robinson and Kentucky civil rights leaders led 10,000 people to rally at the Kentucky State Capitol in a peaceful march and demonstration.  Fifty years later, a commemorative march will take place, sponsored by The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights and other members of the Allied Organizations for Civil Rights.

Listen to the 02/27/14 program's full audio online.

Listen to the full interview with Joe Graves conducted by Eastern Standard associate producer, Richard Turner.

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Sat February 15, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: What's Up with this Winter Weather?

Credit transportation.ky.gov

With record cold temperatures and snow, especially for Kentucky, we're wondering what's going on. And we bet you are, too!   On this week's Eastern Standard, we'll discuss this unusual winter weather and attempt to understand why it's going on, and what to expect as we get closer to spring. 

WEKU's Eastern Standard - Climate Change and Weather in Globally and in Kentucky. Guests: Tony Edwards of the Nation Weather Service Jackson Office and Trent Garrison, geologist and instructor at EKU.

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Sat February 8, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Ky. Legislature Mid-Point Update on Eastern Standard

As the 2014 session of the Kentucky General Assembly approaches the mid-point, what has the state's legislative branch achieved so far this year?  What is likely to be accomplished by the end of this 60-day session?  These are questions we will pursue in this week's show, originating "live" from the State Capitol in Frankfort.

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Sat February 1, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Obesity in the Commonwealth

One place where Kentucky ranks among the top ten states is…obesity. One study ranks the Commonwealth as 6th most obese, not far behind 4th place Tennessee and 3rd place West Virginia.

Eastern Standard Feb 6, 2013 - Lori Giliam, Karina Christopher

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Mon January 27, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Is Teaching Creationism Harmful to Children, Society?

Send your comments or questions before this week's show to: wekueasternstandard@gmail.com or leave a message at 859-622-1657

As Bill Nye, the Science Guy gets ready to debate the founder of Kentucky’s Creation Museum, we’ll have our own conversation on the topic on Eastern Standard.

Is teaching creation to children harmful to them and to our society?

Is evolution merely one theory of the earth’s origins and equal to creationism?

Is this topic even worthy of a debate?

Our guests for this show:

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Sun January 19, 2014
-Eastern Standard

EKU President Benson on Eastern Standard

"Selfie" taken by @ekuprez Michael Benson during his visit to the WEKU studios
Credit Michael Benson, PhD

EKU President Dr. Michael Benson will be with us to give us an update on some of the projects and initiatives he has launched since his arrival last summer and to answer your questions.

Send a question in advance to wekueasternstandard at gmail dot com or call 859-622-1655 or call in “live” during the show.

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Mon January 13, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Preventing Gun Violence on Eastern Standard

Over a 100,000 people are injured or killed by gun violence in the US each year.  That’s according to a report commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control.

The report recommends a “public health approach” to preventing future harm and injuries.

On this week’s Eastern Standard, our topic is “preventing gun violence.”  Is it through tougher and more restrictive laws or education and firearms training.

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Sat January 4, 2014
-Eastern Standard

Ky Online Health Exchange on Eastern Standard

Kentucky's healthcare exchange is the topic on Eastern Standard Thursday January 9 at 11:00 am
Credit wkms.org

More than 123,000 Kentuckians are now enrolled in new health coverage through the state’s health exchange website, Kynect.   State officials report that, since open enrollment began on Oct. 1, the website has enrolled an average of 1,300 Kentuckians in new health coverage each day. 

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