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Sun July 26, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Projected Effects of Climate Change on Eastern Standard

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An organization focused on quantifying economic risks and impacts of climate change, Risky Business, is releasing a report this week on its effects on the Southeastern United States, including Kentucky.

On this week’s Eastern Standard, we discuss the projected harmful effects of climate on the Commonwealth.


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Mon July 20, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Former Morning Edition Newscaster Jean Cochran on Eastern Standard

Jean Cochran helped wake America by delivering the news during Morning Edition for most of her 33 years at NPR
Credit jeancochran.com

  Former NPR newscaster Jean Cochran was our special guest at last years at May 7th reception for WEKU Day Sponsors at Lexington's Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa. Today we revisit that program, which was recorded in front of an audience of WEKU listeners. us for a show recorded before an audience of WEKU listeners.

Jean has been one of America’s most familiar voices to millions of radio listeners for decades as a newscaster on NPR’s Morning Edition.  Her newscasts have aired live on 849 member stations nationwide, heard by nearly 27-million listeners every week.

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Mon July 13, 2015
-Eastern Standard

The Basics of Islam on Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard host John Hingsbergen with Dr. Richard Cahill.
Credit Richard Turner

As the annual observance of Ramadan draws to a close, on this week’s show, we’ll focus on the basics of Islam.  This is an encore of a show that originally aired July 31, 2014. 

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Sun July 5, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Talking Cars on Eastern Standard

L-R, John Hingsbergen, Ken Hold, George Schweikle

  As this year's Keeneland Concours d'Elegance revs up, we'll talk cars on this week's show.  Let's talk about your favorite car, maybe your first or the one that got away and that you wished you had never gotten rid of.

Guests: Kenneth Hold, founding member of the Keeneland Concours & George Schweikle, Director of Filed Operations for the Keeneland Concours.

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Sun June 28, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Same-Sex Marriage in the Commonwealth on Eastern Standard

Same-sex marriage supporters outside the Supreme Court after the ruling
Noah Day

  The Supreme Court last week issued a much-anticipated ruling last week, declaring that marriage can no longer be denied to same-sex couple anywhere in the U.S.  On this week's show, we’ll meet some of the people involved in the issue in the Commonwealth. 

Our guests on this week's program are:

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Sun June 21, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Church Shooting's Meaning for Us on Eastern Standard

L-R Sen. Reginald Thomas (D);Dr. Jimmy Kirby, ThD;Pastor Marsha Moors-Charles

The shooting of nine people worshiping in a church in Charleston, South Carolina causes us to ask, what does it mean to us? 


Dr. Jimmy Kirby, Th D, expert on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and scholar focusing on Christian Education and Social Ethics;

Rev. Marsha Moors-Charles, Pastor of Bluegrass United Church of Christ, Lexington; 

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Wed June 17, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Filmmaking in Kentucky on Eastern Standard

"Live" Thursday mornings at 11:00 on WEKU.

Kentucky Filmmaker Jason Epperson has produced a documentary focusing on UK Basketball fandom. Meanwhile, there are many other film projects underway in the Commonwealth, intended for audiences ranging from narrow-interest to the general public.

This past session, the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation expanding incentive programs for filmmaking in Kentucky.

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Sun June 7, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Dean Allen Ault on Law Enforcement on Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard host John Hingsbergen (left) with Dean Allen Ault

Allen Ault is Dean of the College of Justice and Safety at Eastern Kentucky University.  As Dean Ault prepares to retire, we’ll discuss the death penalty, police/community relations and law enforcement trends today on Eastern Standard.

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Mon June 1, 2015
-Eastern Standard

SOAR Update on Eastern Standard

L-R John Hingsbergen; Sandi Curd; Ian Mooers

We'll learn about the latest developments with the Shaping Our Appalachian Region initiative and we're interested in your questions, comments and stories. 

Guests include: Gov. Steve Beshear; Ian Patrick Mooers, Executive Director of the Center for Economic Development at Eastern Kentucky; and Sandi Curd Program Coordinator of the Kentucky Promise Zone

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Tue May 26, 2015
-Eastern Standard

NPR's Don Gonyea on Eastern Standard

NPR National Political Correspondent Don Gonyea is our guest for this week's show, recorded May 1, 2015 at the Griffin Gate Marriott in Lexington,

NPR's National Political Correspondent Don Gonyea is our guest on this week's show. This program is the one recorded during the annual WEKU Day Sponsor event May 1 at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa in Lexington.     

Don Gonyea talks about his career at NPR, reporting on 9/11 as well as his years covering political campaigns and elections on this program that features questions and comments from WEKU listeners in attendance.

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Mon May 18, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Digital Technology in the Classroom on Eastern Standard

From left: Justin Bathon; Cynthia Warner; Susan Cintra and John Hingsbergen

A hundred teachers from across the country have been singled out for their successes in integrating digital technology into their schools. They have been named PBS Learning Media Digital Innovators. On this week's show we'll meet one of them, Susan Cintra of Madison Central High School, and other guests.

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Mon May 11, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Primary Election on Eastern Standard

From left: John Hingsbergen, Ronnie Ellis, Joe Gershtenson
Credit Noah Day

Kentuckians head to the polls next week for the primary elections that features candidates for governor and other state constitutional offices.

We’ll discuss the twists and turns of the governor’s race and other matters on the ballot on this week's show.  

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Tue May 5, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Religious Belief Versus Modern Medicine on Eastern Standard

From left: john Hingsbergen, Dr. Sara Rosenthal, Rita Swan
Credit Richard Turner

While Americans have access to the best medical care in the world, some choose to ignore that care, relying on their faith to take care such needs, sometimes with tragic results. On this week’s show we'll discuss the conflict between the religious beliefs of some Americans in Conflict with Modern Medicine.

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Tue April 28, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Autism Awareness on Eastern Standard

From left: Melanie Tyner-Wilson, Patti Parsons, John Hingsbergen, Dr. Shirley O' Brien.

The most recent data from The Centers for Disease Control indicate that about 1 in 68 children has been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder.   


April is Autism Awareness Month, so on this week's show, we'll discuss Autism, individuals who are identified as Autistic, and the impact this has on them and their families.


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Mon April 20, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Poets Laureate & Writers' Day on Eastern Standard

From left: John Hingsbergen, Julie Hensley, Lisa Williams
Credit Richard Turner

On Friday April 24, Harlan, Ky native George Ella Lyon will be inducted as the Commonwealth's 2015-2016 Poet Lauriate.  Friday is also this year's Kentucky Writers' Day, sponsored by the Kentucky Arts Council. 

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Wed April 15, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Reporters' Discuss Latest News on Eastern Standard

From left: John Hingsbergen, Ryland Barton
Credit Logan Riley

Next month, voters from across the Commonwealth go to the polls to select candidates for the fall gubernatorial election.  Meanwhile, one Kentuckian has launched a campaign for our nation's highest elected office.

In other news, well....we'll ask our reporters around the table for what's on their minds.

Our guests this week:  Stu Johnson WEKU Reporter; Sam Youngman, political reporter with the Lexington Herald Leader; Ryland Baron, KPRN's State Capitol Bureau Chief.  

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Mon April 6, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Remembering the End of the Civil War

This Thursday, churches, temples, public buildings and others will ring bells for four minutes, symbolizing the four years of the war that threatened to tear our country apart. That day, April 4, will mark the 150th anniversary of the "war between the states."

On this week's show, we'll discuss the Civil War, its end and its effects on Kentucky.

Our guests this week:

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Sun March 29, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Is Religion Obsolete in the 21st Century?

From left: John Hingsbergen, Gretchen Woods, Jefferson Callico
Credit Richard Turner

For Christians, this week is Holy Week while Jews are getting ready for Passover. During this week when many people are thinking about such matters, we’ll discuss the role of faith in our society. 

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Mon March 23, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Ken Burns' Series Prompts Eastern Standard on Cancer in Kentucky

From left: Dr. Kraig Humbaugh, John Hingsbergen
Credit Logan Riley

A three-part public TV series will focus next week on Cancer: the Emperor of All Maladies.  It’s the latest production from documentarian Ken Burns. On this week’s Eastern Standard, Cancer in Kentucky.  

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Tue March 17, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Police Militarization on Eastern Standard

From left to right: John Hingsbergen, Dr. Peter Kraska
Credit Richard Turner

In recent decades, the distinctions between police and the military have increasingly clouded. On this week's program, we will meet Eastern Kentucky University's Dr. Peter Kraska, a leading scholar of policing and criminal justice as we discuss Expanded Police Militarization.

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Mon March 9, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Transgender Identity, Rights on Eastern Standard

From left: Tuesday Meadows, John Hingsbergen
Credit Logan Riley

The Kentucky Senate wants to require public school students to use the bathroom of their biological sex. That’s an issue affecting transgender students while late last year, an Ohio teen committed suicide stating a hope that her death would create a dialogue about discrimination, abuse and lack of support for transgender people.

On this week's show, we'll carry on the dialogue about transgender rights and identity.

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Mon March 2, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Emergency Planning, Crisis Management on Campus on Eastern Standard

From left: Gary Folckemer, Bryan Makinen, John Hingsbergen
Credit Richard Turner

Last month, Eastern Kentucky University faced a perceived threat on public safety stemming from bathroom graffiti.

  On this week’s Eastern Standard, we’ll discuss emergency planning, crisis management, and communication on college campuses.

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Mon February 23, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Race Relations in Kentucky on Eastern Standard

Everett McCorvey, voice professor, Director of UK Opera Theatre and native of Montgomery, Alabama shared memories of growing up under segregation during the program originally broadcast August 29, 2013

Police shootings in African-American communities have been in the headlines during recent months. Such incidents have raised concerns about race relations.

Due to scheduling issues in trying to produce an original show for this week, this program was an "encore presentation" of one that originally aired on August 29, 2013.  Here is a link to the original post.

Guests for this week's program will include:

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Sun February 15, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: EKU President Benson on "Snow Days" etc.

A change of plans from the originally-scheduled topic, which we will be re-scheduling at a later date. Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson joins us to discuss how the university handles "snow days," terroristic threats and other matters.

Send your questions, comments or stories by email to wekueasternstandard@gmail.com or call 859-622-1657 and leave a comment.

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Sun February 8, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Lexington's Heroin Explosion on Eastern Standard

Van Ingram, Executive Director for the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, and Josh Nadzam, writer for under-main.com, join Host John Hingsbergen in-studio to discuss the renewed prevalence of heroin addiction in the Commonwealth.

From 2002 through 2006, there were no reported deaths from Heroin overdose in Lexington. Compare that to 44 such fatalities in 2013 and there’s apparently a problem. This week's Eastern Standard is an encore presentation of a show first aired on October 9, 2014


Guests for this week's show: Josh Nadzam - Researcher and writer for UnderMain (under-main.com); 

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Mon February 2, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard "Live" from the State Capitol

From left: Greg Stumbo, Robert Stivers, John Hingsbergen
Credit Richard Turner

As the 2015 session of the Kentucky General Assembly re-convenes, what issues are on your mind? The Local Option Sales Tax? A statewide smoke-free policy? An increase in the state's minimum wage? We're taking the show on the road to the State Capitol to speak with House Speaker Greg Stumbo and Senate President Robert Stivers.

We’re interested in your comments and questions before the show by email to wekueasternstandard at gmail dot com or on the phone at 859-622-1657.

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Sun January 25, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Raising Kentucky's Minimum Wage on Eastern Standard

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Last month, the city of Louisville voted to raise the minimum wage to 9 dollars an hour, a move that will be complete by 2017.  As part of the 2015 Kentucky General Assembly, a bill is on the table that could see a similar increase state-wide.   

On this week's Eastern Standard we'll talk the Minimum Wage in Kentucky.

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Mon January 19, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard, Is Fracking Coming to Kentucky?

From left: Jim Scheff, Bill Barr, Brandon Nuttall.
Credit Richard Turner

Kentucky landowners have reported being approached by companies wishing to lease their land, potentially for large scale oil and gas production.   The region in question, referred to as the Rogersville Shale, stretches across Eastern Kentucky and into neighboring West Virginia.    

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Mon January 12, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Creating a Smoke-Free Kentucky on Eastern Standard

In his final State of the Commonwealth address, Governor Steve Beshear called for passage of a statewide workplace smoking ban. Already, cigarettes have already been snuffed out in many businesses, restaurants and campuses across the Bluegrass State and on this week's Eastern Standard, we'll talk smoking bans.

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Fri January 2, 2015
-Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard: Video Games in the Classroom

Dr. George Landon, John Meister, and Richie Hoagland, joining host John Hingsbergen.
Credit Logan Riley

This week's show is an encore from Sept. 18, 2014. 

Microsoft has purchased Mojang, the developer of the popular video game Minecraft for $2.5 Billion. On this week's show, we'll discuss the video game industry and the Commonwealth's first academic program dedicated to video game development at Eastern Kentucky University.

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