The Dick Sisto Quartet


Fri March 15, 2013
Arts Weekly

Quartet to Perform Coltrane's Spiritual Music Part I

The Rev. Brian Cole, left, and John Linker, right, the respective pastor and music director of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, are excited about hosting a jazz performance by vibraphonist Dick Sisto, center, and his quartet.
Credit / photo courtesy of Lexington Hearld Leader

Legendary saxophonist, John Coltrane, had an illustrious career that spanned from the bebop era of the 1940s to the free-jazz movement of the late 1960s. One lesser-known aspect of his career was his spiritual side. Sunday evening, October 28th, The Church of the Good Shepard in Lexington will feature the sacred music of John Coltrane with jazz artist Dick Sisto. Brian Cole is the Director of Good Shepard Church and spoke with WEKU's Roger Duvall about the performance.

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Fri October 19, 2012
Arts Weekly

Quartet to Perform Coltrane's Spiritual Music Part II

A Lexington house of worship presents the sacred and spiritual music of legendary tenor saxophonist John Coltrane. The Dick Sisto Quartet will perform at the Church of the Good Shepherd Sunday October 28th.  

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