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Mon September 8, 2014
Listener Feedback

Listener Feedback: Susan Stamberg's 'Sexist' Interview & (of course) Technical Issues

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We had an email last Monday from listener, Rodger.  He says, “The interview by Susan Stamberg this morning with the new director of the Kennedy Center was sexist. The first things that Susan pointed out were the director's age, cute haircut and smart A-line dress."

Michael continued, "Imagine her pointing out a new male director's smart suit, haircut and five o'clock shadow. Wouldn't happen. I am interested in this person’s qualifications and vision for the future, not her looks or wardrobe!”

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Mon December 9, 2013
Listener Feedback

Feedback: How About More BBC & Who's the New NPR Announcer?

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Diana, from Lexington, emailed us, “As long as you have all day broadcasting of Talk Shows, it is beyond me why you do not broadcast one of the best shows on any radio station, and that is the Diane Rehm Show.  Why?  The only time I ever get to hear this wonderful show is when I’m in my car on a trip.”

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