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Sat February 22, 2014
The Commonwealth

Corvette Museum Making Plans to Capitalize on Sinkhole Problem

Three, possibly four, of the eight Corvettes that plunged into a sinkhole last week at the National Corvette Museum will be recovered early on in the process. The other four vehicles will be more difficult to recover, according to Mike Murphy, CEO of Scott, Murphy & Daniel. Murphy on Wednesday pointed out features of the Skydome's sinkhole to the Daily News.
Credit Robyn Minor/Daily News

The cliche about turning lemons into lemonade is being realized at the National Corvette Museum, where two of the eight Corvettes swallowed by a sinkhole still can’t be seen. Outside the Skydome, which is home to the sinkhole, there are stacks of carpet tiles that once covered parts of the floor.

“They are going to sell them,” Mike Murphy said Thursday while showing the Daily News around the hole, which is up to 50 feet deep. "We've had people tell us that they would pay for some of the rocks or a piece of concrete that we might recover."

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Mon February 17, 2014
Focus on Business

Damaged Corvettes to Get Fix-up by GM


Eight cars that fell into a sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green last week will be getting a little tender loving care.  The prized sports cars were damaged when a 40 foot wide by 25 foot deep sinkhole swallowed them early last Wednesday.

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Thu February 13, 2014
The Commonwealth

WATCH: Cameras Capture Corvettes Being Sucked Into Sinkhole

A glimpse of what it's like in the sinkhole that opened up Wednesday under a wing of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky.
Credit National Corvette Museum

Security cameras were rolling Wednesday when a sinkhole opened up underneath the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. As we reported earlier, eight of the iconic sports cars were sucked down into a hole about 40 feet deep. 

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