Mon May 12, 2014
Listener Feedback

Feedback: Why Not Focus on Sustaining Donors?

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Thanks to everyone who entered our drawing for tickets to Garrison Keillor's book reading and signing last week.  The lucky winners were Congratulations to Twitter follower Jeff Sames and Facebook friend and Melissa Blose.  We hope you had a good time.

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Mon April 29, 2013
Listener Feedback

WEKU Listener Feedback 4/29/13

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Following our broadcast of concerns about the amount of coverage we provided following the Boston bombings last week, we received the following email from listener Lisa, saying she agrees.  She writes, “I love your station and listen all the time. I usually donate once, often twice a year and will gladly donate more when I secure a full time job."

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Mon February 18, 2013
Listener Feedback

WEKU Listener Feedback 2/18

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Leslie, of Corinth, e-mailed us this week: “I absolutely love your programming. Admittedly, I'm an NPR junkie, but I really like your format. My only wish is that you and WUKY offered me an alternative to that godawful Prairie Home Companion. I understand that it's popular, but could you possibly offer it at another time?”

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