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Wed April 1, 2015
All Politics are Local

Ark Project Using Kentucky’s Religious Freedom Law to Sue State


A religious freedom law, similar to the one that has recently drawn national attention in Indiana, has been on the books in Kentucky for two years and is currently being used as an argument to sue the state.

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Mon August 25, 2014
Listener Feedback

Feedback: Listener Wants Investigation of Ark Encounter Hiring

Send us your feedback by email to: WEKU (at) EKU (dot) edu, post on the WEKU Facebook page, send a tweet @889weku or call 859-622-1657.

Listener Ann, wrote a comment on the WEKU website post for last week’s Eastern Standard show on depression.  She told us, “Perfect timing for this topic in my household. My husband just went to seek treatment for severe depression...” We won’t relay the rest of her story but it is available for all to see on the website.


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Wed July 30, 2014
Business and the Economy

State Approves Tax Breaks for Ark Encounter


A controversial religious theme park planned for northern Kentucky has been granted a new round of tax breaks by the state.

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