2014 Saw Kentucky Economic Gains

Dec 30, 2014

2014 could go down as a "breakout" year for Kentucky's economy.  Economists and workers in about every occupation imaginable were waiting for the effects of the "Great Recession" of 2008 to fade.  State Economist Manoj Shanker says a significant uptick has happened over the past eleven months.  Shanker says he has been expecting growth and recovery in the Kentucky labor market for the last two years, but it just hasn't happened.  “This year, suddenly things aligned themselves just right, and it did take off," said Shanker.

Lexington Calling on Private Firm to Aid in Leaf Collection

Oct 14, 2014


As this week's rainfall has knocked many leaves off of trees, Lexington leaders Tuesday got a briefing on this year's leaf collection efforts.  As in past years, vacuum trucks will roll through Lexington neighborhoods.   Streets and Roads Director Rob Allen says a new interactive map is now available so residents can know when to expect leaf pickups.  "Citizens will now know their subzone in a more accurate start time for collection, so the leaves don't sit on the grass, kill the grass, turn to mud, blow in their neighbors yard," said Allen.

Golf Fans Expected to Boost Kentucky Tourism Figures

Jul 31, 2014

State tourism officials are always working to make Kentucky a common vacation destination.  The Commonwealth will next week be a popular site for golf fans.