The Story

Monday - Thursday 1PM-2PM
Hosted By: Dick Gordon

Less "blah, blah, blah," more "aha!"

No dispassionate pundits or sterile academics allowed. That's the credo of The Story, a new program hosted by the renowned Dick Gordon that fills in the picture of events in the news with compelling personal experiences.

The Story is a daily interview program designed to bring great stories to public radio middays in a way that will help listeners understand what is going on in their world and why it matters to them. A veteran radio journalist, Dick Gordon interviews people whose real-life experiences help us understand the news of the day or ongoing issues of importance.



March 14, 2013

1:37 PM
Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine
Artist : Kaki King
Album : Everybody Loves You
Composer : Kaki King
Label : Velour