Zoning New Homeless Shelters

Oct 3, 2012

The establishment of new homeless shelters in Lexington would be impacted by a proposed change in zoning law.  The amendment impacts all new adult day care centers which would include those serving the disabled and seniors.   Council member Chris Ford says it’s important to balance community interests.  “We want to make sure that we get it right to the benefit of all constituencies, you know, the impacted less fortunate in our community as well as neighbor and business interests,” said Ford.

The proposal requires a conditional permit to locate in a business or professional zone.  It sets limitations on where such centers can be found in residential areas.  The Board of Adjustments would consider these requests.   Council member Peggy Henson says conditions for businesses can be expected.

“Those are businesses, but the adult day centers are people and you know it’s just very different.  And I don’t see classifying people with those businesses,” said Henson.

Committee members Tuesday opted to wait for a Commission on Homelessness report before acting on the adult day center proposal.  Commission chair Steve Kay says he’s not aware of any new adult day care centers proposals.