Youth Being Sought as Violence Reduction Mentors

Apr 21, 2014


Young adults are being sought to help fellow teens steer clear of violence.  The mentoring initiative is being launched by Youth Alert, a non-profit organization founded two years ago in Kentucky. 

Youth Alert Executive Director Doug Wain says he plans to establish a Youth Alert chapter in every Kentucky county.  "We're gonna come and meet them where-ever they are, whether they're in the schools, or in the parks or where ever they are.  So, the chapters are outreach programs.  They're gonna go where-ever kids are, but we know the key is to deal with each youth directly and individually because it's all about personal choice," said Wain.

Wain says Youth Alert will need corporate and individual sponsors to establish youth action teams.  He says 30 hours of information gathered at previous youth alert events are available. Wain says volunteer coordinators will be sought continually.  "We hope for a new batch every year, a bunch of new volunteers every year.  But, again, the ultimate goal is a ten percent reduction in all violence in Kentucky and we're gonna build as many chapters as it takes to help do that," explained Wain.

Wain says leadership and peace building skills will be taught during chapter meetings.