Your Health Podcast: Sleep-Inducing Drinks And 'Mulligan Stew'

Jun 11, 2011

On this week's podcast, we discuss a whole lot of food safety, from the German E. coli outbreak that has made thousands sick to a finding right here in the U.S. that many chickens have arsenic-laced livers.

And who can forget the songs from Mulligan Stew, a popular kids TV show about nutrition in the '70s? If you did, take a tour down memory lane with Renee Montagne as she checks out a new National Archives exhibit called What's Cooking, Uncle Sam?

You might be surprised at how far we've come since vitamin-fortified doughnuts.

We also discuss the latest in caffeine delivery devices, as well as beverages that aim to make us sleepy — and what they actual do to our bodies, as well as a the high cost of drugs.

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