Year Long Emergency Preparedness Ad Campaign

Mar 4, 2013

A year- long campaign to raise awareness of disaster and emergency threats begins this week.  The Kentucky Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program is launching ‘Be Aware, Learn How to Prepare.’  While much attention centers on activities at the Blue Grass Army Depot, emergency preparedness covers a lot of areas.  Monica French is with Kentucky Emergency Management.

“The possibility of an accident at the Blue Grass Army Depot is very nil to none, however we feel that if everyone is prepared for this, then they can be prepared for anything.  And if anyone is prepared for an all hazard, they can definitely be prepared for a chemical accident as well,” said French.

Kelly McBride is public information office in the Madison County C-SEPP office.  She admits chemical disposal plans at the Blue Grass Army Depot get much attention.

“That is kind of something that people focus on in our area, but we’re more likely to have a severe weather incident than anything else that would happen especially at the depot.  But, it is good to be ready for anything,” said McBride.

McBride says a family emergency plan and kit are both important aspects of preparation.   An out of state relative can also act as a common contact.

“It’s good to have an out of state or out of area contact, whereas if cell phone connections went down, you could call somebody outside your area, and to let them know that you are ok, and another family member could call that person too,” added McBride.   

Television advertisements will begin running this week and will be followed up with radio, magazine, billboard, and other advertising throughout the year.  The ads will concentrate on ten central Kentucky counties.