Is X-Men First Class In The First Class Of Marvel Films?

Jun 19, 2011

It's summer blockbuster time. Just put down that copy of 100 Years of Solitude and give in. Mutants, Giant Robots, Exploding Planets and Evil Supervillains: this is what makes America great.

The question of the day is this – How good was X-Men: First Class? My son and I just saw it and both thought it was excellent. With its perfect pitch retro 60s look and feel (even down to the "X" graphics at the films end) and some superb superhero acting (Michael Fassbender as Magneto) the film has something for both comic book geeksters and ordinary folk.

The use of mutants as a stand-in for issues of race is always what makes the X-Men a more interesting storyline than other titles. But is this X-Men origin story in the top 10 Marvel films (and who care about DC really)? Is it close to the wry humor and real vulnerability of the first Spiderman? Could touch the first Iron Man for shear fun?

I put in the top 3.

OK, now on back to Márquez or Proust or whatever.

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