Woodsongs Radio Hour Marks 2013 Milestones

Feb 1, 2013

Within the last two weeks, The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour has marked two milestones.   On January 21st, the 13-year-old show moved from its longtime home base of Lexington's Kentucky Theatre to the recently-remodeled Lyric Theatre.

Arts Weekly's John Hingsbergen attended the first show at the Lyric and spoke with Woodsongs' founder and host Michael Jonathon and Chief Engineer Kevin Johnson.

Lexington's Lyric Theatre now hosts the Monday night tapings of the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour.
Credit John Hingsbergen

By way of full disclosure, WEKU is the national host affiliate for the show that now airs on over 500 radio stations including Armed Forces Radio. Woodsongs is also seen on Public TV stations across the U.S.

The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour is on the air every Saturday night at 8:00 and Sunday morning at 2:00 on 88.9 WEKU and its network of stations in Central and Southeastern Kentucky.